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Posted by on November 11, 2020

Just last year, the Samsung’s brand was faced with heavy criticisms on the production of the Note 7. And yet, they didn’t relent because of the setback, they manufactured quality products and kept on creating fascinating devices. Many people enquire why I selected a Samsung smartphone, particularly since the Note 7 issues, and not from other brands like Apple. With the same question being asked over and over again, I felt it was of great importance to address it so you can benefit from.

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  1. Expandable Storage

As lots of data and files began to accumulate on my phone, my videos, pictures and screenshots, movies, documents and other files consumed a lot of space. I needed something jumbo-like in nature. My Samsung smartphone permitted me to set up a large SD Card thereby creating a bigger storage space. Now, I have all the storage space I need, try doing something similar with an iPhone.

  1. Astonishing Design

The production of fascinating devices has been one of the marketing stratagem of Apple since times past. No doubt that Apple manufactures beautiful devices, However, Samsung shouldn’t be left out in this. Arguably, Samsung products are sure competitors in this regard, their smartphones can match Apple smartphones if not better. The Samsung devices come in various colors and the way they have managed the screens is deserves an appraisal. Many android devices are fragile and screens can shatter to pieces with any mistake. If you desire durability and beauty in an android device, then Samsung is just what you need.

  1. Impressive Display

The Retina Display from Apple seem to be on everyone’s lips. They are very captivating. But have you ever taken your time to steal a glance at the displays from Samsung? To be candid, in many ways I believe they are way better. Never before have I come across a display that showed clarity while still featuring deep and rich colors that are exact and exceptional. Moreover, the display is responsive and feels cool to the touch something of major significance on a modern smartphone.

  1. Speed

Truly, my Samsung Galaxy S7 may not be the swiftest out there today, but when I purchased it, there was nothing on the market that could match it. Even today it maintain its own well and I have observed one single hindrance after over a year of using it. I’m on my phone a lot, and have never had any issues with it slowing down not minding what I’m doing.

  1. Battery Life

In my own point of view, the battery life is of the highest level. While I do have to charge it every day, I would say that’s only once a day and I’m a heavy user. On those days that I don’t use it as much, I can stay beyond a day between charges. Remember, this will change depending on what you do with your device, but I have not encountered any issues with the battery life.

Final Notes

Now you understand my reason for choosing Samsung smartphones. It does not mean I despise other brands out. In fact, I appreciate the Google’s Pixel line of smartphones and I was a big iPhone fan. Yet, for what I deal with and enjoy, the Samsung brand just makes a better fit.



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