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Posted by on January 17, 2021

Finding a Portland moving company that offers the best services at cheapest price is quite troublesome because quality definitely comes with price. After taking this fact into consideration, local moving companies in Portland tailored their packages in such a way that they provide a wide range of services at different values. Hence, if you are looking forward to choosing the best Portland moving company and also trying save your pocket, then you need to do some research to find out the suitable company that meets all the requirements perfectly.

It is imperative to consider that moving price varies depending on the different factors that include stuff quantity, condition, time and other aspects. With the view to making your life less stressful and helping your find the right moving company that offers the best price and quality services, we’ve come up with the average cost of moving companies in Portland and services included:

Studio 231cf 2 movers+ Truck $106 0 3hr $318
Small Bedroom 1 (390cf) 2 movers+ Truck $106 0 4hr $424
Large Bedroom 1 (524cf) 3 movers+ Truck $147 0 5hr $735
Bedroom 2 (892cf) 3 movers+ Truck $147 0 6hr $882
Bedroom 3 (1215 cf) 4 movers+ Truck $189 0 7hr $1323
Bedroom 4 (1815 cf) 4 movers+ Truck $189 0 8hr $1512

Data from 2018

Noteworthy, the above-mentioned factors also vary depending on your stuff as well as weather. For an example, if the quantity of your is much, it will take more time to pack and stuff which will add more charge to the overall amount.

In addition, other than the considered factors above, the price also depends on the most crucial factor of moving— ‘Distance.’ Most of the companies in Portland estimate the total cost calculating the overall distance of moving and also it some offers discounts on distance like after first 100 miles you will get $2 discount and so on. Let’s take the average cost for distance:

  • Interstate Moving

Interstate moving is considered when the overall distance of moving is under 100 miles. While you are moving you also need to consider how many movers you want to take and vehicle type. If you are rushing you can take 4 movers instead of 2 and take special vehicle service if you want to relocate your antique piece(s) as well. However, interstate moving, in general, with 2 movers and a truck charges between $115-$130 per hour. It is important to bear in mind that local moving companies charge weight- and miles-based charges for over 50 miles intrastate. As a result, intrastate weight-based moves average $1000- $3000 due to the short distance. If you want to assume the estimate value then consider $1.00 per pound of items you move.

  • Interstate/cross-country moves

These are moves over 100 miles or moves across state lines. A good way to estimate the costs of these moves is to assume $1.00 per pound of items you move.


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