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Posted by on February 24, 2021


Coronavirus took the world by storm in 2020 and with that the demand in the UK for ambulance drivers has risen incredibly. What this means is that the force needed a lot more drivers to quickly get through the system and out onto the roads to help the general public. HGV has risen for so many reasons but this one was a massive one for the safety of the people in the UK. The DVLA ceased all CAT C1 license training in June 2020 for everyone apart from the emergency and healthcare staff. What this meant to everyone else who was looking to attain their HGV CAT C1 license needed to put their plans on hold for the foreseeable future whilst these well needed services were able to get theirs.


This is where HGVT has been able to come in and help so many individuals that want to get into the emergency and healthcare service were able to do so. They played such a big part during this pandemic that they were able to train 250 newly qualified ambulance drivers regardless of the social distancing rules, lockdown and other issues that came their way. The company was able to adapt to the environment around them and keep their eyes firmly on the prize of helping out their nation in its time of need.


This has all been done since June 2020, and the reasoning that this was able to commence was because of the introduction of remote technologies and what HGVT was able to offer to people and then with the additional of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) they were still able to undertake the practical training and testing that was needed in order for them to qualify.


An HGVT spokesman said “Our team worked tirelessly from home to ensure that ambulance driver training was provided to the front-line workers that needed it. We’ve been able to get them theory ready, provided practical training whilst following all guidelines, and we’re proud to say that we’ve delivered around 250 training programs since the beginning of lockdown”.


HGVT with HGV training centres in Manchester was able to achieve such results due to them having over 60 training facilities located across the United Kingdom. HGVT has a well-known name in this industry and is hugely respected, they have also partnered up with a major recruitment company called Manpower that helps individuals find work when they become qualified and also expand them in other areas like CV building etc.


Because of this vast network of virtual classroom training, HGVT has become a key component of the influx of ambulance drivers that are now on the roads of the UK helping out the nation. When restrictions are lifted within the United Kingdom, HGVT plan on opening up all of their services and nurture a brand-new range of highly qualified drivers across the UK and have already made plans on how they will ensure that their services and facilities are COVID safe for anyone that wishes to use them, their dedication to the care of other people is astounding.


To find out more about HGVT and all of the services that they provide, please visit their website


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