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Posted by on March 27, 2021

There are many kinds of problems on this planet that are caused by human actions and they are rooted in one main thing, industries. As the industrial revolution started there were small scale factories that released smoke as a by product and that small amount of smoke was not doing much of a damage but as the small factories turned into large scale industries, a large amount of smoke was released everyday that started depleting the ozone layer and now we are here solving the problem of global warming that was a reaction to our uncalculated number of industries being set up.


  1. Lack of policies and control: The industry sector lacked in making policies and providing an effective strategy to control the industries that led to massive number of industries being set up creating an enormous amount of smoke leading to air pollution.
  2. Not planned growth of industries: The growth of industries was not planned and checked due to which laws were violated and this violation of laws resulted in air and land pollution.
  3. Outdated technology: a large number of industries still use the technology that is not advanced to lower the expenditures which is in turn resulting in air pollution because these technologies produce more pollution.
  4. No proper channel of disposing waste: There is no proper channel devised to dispose waste as the pollutants are mostly released in the air or disposed in water leading to air and water pollution respectively.


  1. Air pollution: industries are polluting the air by releasing harmful gases as VOC and CO2 in our environment that is leading to depletion of ozone layer and causing an increase in the temperature of our earth that we call as global warming which has apparently become uncontrollable now.
  2. Water pollution: The liquid waste of industries goes straight into seas and rivers that cause harm to marine life and as well as to the people who drink that water or eat the sea food extracted from the polluted water.
  3. Soil pollution: When raw material is dug out of the soil it can spill on the soil and that results in leading cause of soil pollution. So, industries are in turn polluting our soil too.



Industrial pollution is not something that does not have a solution and now scientists are working tirelessly to save our environment from air, water and soil pollution. Here are some of the ways that may help;

SOURCE CONTROL: The sources that generate this kind of pollution need to be controlled and these sources include training of employee, adoption of advanced technology such as regenerative thermal oxidizer equipment or even thinking about better ways to dispose waste.

RECYCLING: Recycling most of the air and water in industries may help a lot in improving the current state of pollutions caused by industries.

TREATING INDUSTRIAL WASTE PROPERLY: A proper treatment can be given to the industrial wastes so that they can be less harmful and are wasted through a proper channel and do not cause as much of trouble as they are causing now.

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