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Posted by on March 3, 2019

Although some consider themselves to be good connoisseurs of the love arts, it never hurts to listen, or rather to read, advice about intimate life, because it is a fact that even the most skilled women make mistakes before a sexual relationship.


And these unforeseen events, according to sexologist in Noida, “can turn an incredible night into an experience worthy of a therapist’s couch. From protecting yourself from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to avoiding dryness in your female parts or an embarrassing gas. ”

On the contrary, if you are in the beginning of your sex life, surely you have read or been advised to pee before and after intercourse to avoid urinary tract infections, it seems logical, but it is also wrong.

The best sexologist in Noida says that before having sexual intercourse it can be counterpunching and increase the chances of developing infections in the urinary tract and vagina.

“Urinating before sex is the number 1 cause of post-coital urinary tract infections, also known as honeymoon cystitis,” says the best sexologist doctor in Noida.

According to sexologist doctor in Noida, endure the desire until after intimacy is essential to have a powerful flow of urine to move and eliminate the bacteria that adhere and can be extremely dangerous.

“Bacteria have tiny parts that act like velcro hooks, which allow them to adhere to the urethral mucosa. If the bacteria are not removed, they can reach the bladder where they reproduce and grow rapidly, creating a urinary infection, “says the best sexologist in Gurgaon.

Here we leave you some anti-aphrodisiacs that sexologist in Gurgaon suggests avoiding before your next appointment.

To drink

Taking a little puts you in the mood, but drinking too much can numb your senses and send your G-spot far away. “Because alcohol is a known depressant, your ability to experience an orgasm can be squandered if you’re like a tub,” sexologist doctor in Gurgaon explains. In fact, a study from the University of Missouri-St. Louis concluded that 11% of alcohol users have problems reaching orgasm: men who drink a lot have a harder time ejaculating, while women need extra stimulation to reach climax.

Preliminary food

The show of smearing the body with chocolate during the preliminaries puts a lot, but what about the subsequent candidiasis? “Using something with added sugar as a lubricant (whether it’s on purpose or not) can cause candidiasis, since infections grow in the sugar,” says the best sexologist doctor in Gurgaon.


Antihistamines are used to dry your mucous membranes, to relieve nasal congestion and, therefore, can also dry other parts of your body, especially the vagina, explains sexologist in Ghaziabad. Smooth and flat: no matter how hot you are, your vagina will not be aware of it.

Wake up

If you are one of those women who prefers to have everything shaved, it is better to shave the night before to give your skin the chance to recover, says the best sexologist in Ghaziabad. “Waxing will exfoliate the top layer of the skin, so it will be more sensitive,” he adds. “It can irritate the hair follicles, causes a pinkish rash and small cuts, which leaves the skin more exposed to potential infections, such as herpes or HPV [human papillomavirus].”

Eat spicy

“Food can affect vaginal taste and smell,” says sexologist in Faridabad. Super spicy food such as jalapeños can cause gas, bloating and swelling that will not go away. And what is worse: it is sadly known that the remains that remain in your hands and in your mouth after the feast will leave the other’s genitals red hot.


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