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Premature Ejaculation: 5 Myths And Truths On The Topic

Aug. 29, 2020 by

Premature ejaculation usually occurs moments after penetration. In some cases, there is not even time for the penis to penetrate the partner’s sexual organ. In other words, in simple contact with these regions, a man already loses control, explains sexologist in Delhi.

Ten things that have nothing to do with sex harm your sex life

Jul. 28, 2020 by

Ordinary habits and events that apparently have nothing to do with the couple’s libido can significantly interfere with sexual performance. Learn how to deal with ten of these villains. ROUTINE: when it is pleasant, the routine shows that the couple’s relationship

How has the lack of sex in the pandemic affected us physically?

Jul. 20, 2020 by

Studies found that even people with a partner are experiencing a lack of sex in the pandemic The quarantine has triggered various side effects on our physical and emotional health, but some of what few talks about are the consequences

Male Infertility Causes & Treatment Options

Sep. 7, 2019 by

The conception is a matter of two, therefore, as important as the mother’s health is that of the father, as well as his possible infertility problems. Causes of infertility of man Most couples get pregnant throughout the first year of trying. However,


Jun. 29, 2019 by

A study in one American clinic showed that among more than 100 patients, 38% had certain erectile problems – erectile dysfunction. Among them 90% of men had erectile dysfunction associated with condom use. It is not paradoxical, but often erectile problems do

The Testosterone an Indispensable Hormone

Jun. 9, 2019 by

Many of the physical, psychological and emotional characteristics depend on the proper functioning of the hormones, the production and concentration of these in the body, whether men or women. Human development depends in essence on many factors and aspects, among the

The safest sexual behaviors

May. 19, 2019 by

SEXUAL TRANSMISSION DISEASES (STD) Contagious disease that transmits to another person through sexual intercourse or other sexual behaviors. The transmission of the infection Many of the organisms that cause STDs live on the mucous membranes that cover the urethra, vagina,

No Desire For Sex: What To Do?

Apr. 28, 2019 by

No desire for sex occurs more often than one believes. The longer a relationship lasts, the less sex generally takes place. As long as both are satisfied, everything is fine. However, if one of the partners is unhappy, then there

Sexual Advices: Have a full sexual life

Apr. 14, 2019 by

Having a full sex life is very important and often we do not take it into account. That is, we may not live our sexuality satisfactorily due to certain fears, prejudices, taboos or communication problems. For this, it is important that we

What women should not do before having sex

Mar. 3, 2019 by

Although some consider themselves to be good connoisseurs of the love arts, it never hurts to listen, or rather to read, advice about intimate life, because it is a fact that even the most skilled women make mistakes before a