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Posted by on September 11, 2018

In the autumn festival, the ball head became popular again. How do you look at the ball? The hair of the long hair and the short hair is not the same, and the head of the ball is good.

Short hair ball head hair

1: First, comb the hair, then lower your head and concentrate all the hair on the top of the head. Fix it with black rubber band. Note that the hair on the forehead should be loosened to create a fluffy feeling. Then divide the pony tail into two parts. Wrap the braid in a cross.

2: After editing, directly grab the braided hair tail around the head, wrap it into a full rounded ball head, and finally fix it with a small hair clip. Such a cute ball hair style is complete.

The long hair ball head is tied to the second

Dissipate the hair and straighten it out.

Grab a bunch of hair from both sides of the hair with your hands. (It is best to grab it directly by hand, don’t comb it with a comb, because it looks like the hair style is not too rigid and casual.)

Then tie a ponytail with a disposable rubber band.

Then use a comb to shave the ponytail. After turning it into a ball head, it is more fluffy and beautiful.

Then twist the fluffy hair a few times.

Then turn into a circle to form a ball head.

Then fix it with a black clip.

A small ball is finished.

Then divide the rest of the hair into two parts. Take a part of it in the opposite direction.

Then rotate to the left.

Then fix it with a clip.

Then rotate another part of the hair to the right in the opposite direction.

Also fixed with a clip.

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