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Posted by on September 18, 2018

How do girls cut short hair? Which short hair style is slimming face? It is said that short-haired girls are very monotonous. If you still think so, it is definitely the correct way to open short hair. In recent years, short hair has become very popular.

Short hair style

short hair

Short hair for girls is very popular in recent years! Now in the hot summer, cutting a short hair is not only cool and dry, but also the correct way to manage short hair, and you can also make your cute and playful fashion or fashion sorcerer. In short, the Royal Sister or Lolita goddess temperament switch. The following short hair styles and colors are definitely the hottest styles of 2018.

Short hairpin

short hair

Speaking of girls short hair style, the preferred model must be this length of short hair inside buckle hair style, not only durable but also very easy to accept. Hair trimming the chin part, hot out the large C-shaped inner buckle curl, the front of the long bangs homemade out of the roll, while dyeing hair on the brown hair, instant fashion temperament UP!

Short hair

short hair

It is said that the girls who stay in neutral short hair are very boyish. Can you still say this when you see this ultra short hair? The short hair of the ear is trimmed to create a rich sense of layering. At the same time, the slight curl is applied to create a full-volume effect. The daily partial design, one side of the hair to the back of the ear, the small side of the face is very beautiful.

Eversion short hair

short hair

The valgus short hair is the most popular short hair style in the popular short hair of 2017. Such a short hair haircut style, the valgus curvature produced by the hair tail is not very obvious, daily need not care, just need to comb the hair naturally, and with a long bangs oblique design, natural beauty is easy to reveal.

Short egg roll

short hair

A short hair perm style that Miss South Korea likes very much. Want to repair your face and face? Want to age younger? At the same time, I also want to make white hair color to create a ruddy look? Then this short hair all meets you, the hair is divided into design, the whole hair is hot out of the wavy egg curl, with reddish brown hair, the temperament changes greatly, absolutely Miss Korean temperament.

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