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Posted by on September 26, 2018

A good-looking bangs hairstyle is also very important for girls. Liu Hai can not only bring you more fashion temperament, but the most important thing is to give you a modified face. The following bangs are waiting for you. Come to the hairstyle!

A variety of beauty bangs pick you up


Whether it’s a haircut or a hairpin, the air bangs can bring you more sweetness to your hair style. The light color of the hair is matched with the fluffy air. The bangs have perfect skin-lifting effect and can make you The complexion is more natural and natural.


This pair of shoulder-length short hair and air bangs is definitely a perfect match for round-faced girls. With that full fluffy feel, make more face-lifting effects for your face, whether you are round face or square. Faces can make you even thinner.


Round-faced girls sometimes don’t have to cover their faces all the time. It is also very suitable to play the advantage of a round face. A neat and clean face with short hair and a bang on the eyebrow will make you more visible. Cute and cute!


This look at the shit bangs hair style has more fashion sense, with a short face and even a hair can even make a round face girl exude more fashion and cute, fresh and clean little face wearing a pair of glasses is more delicate and sweet .


Qi Liu Hai Hair has a full sense of freshness, with the same clean and neat face short hair, you will find that different beauty, black short hair for you to show more youthful atmosphere, while repairing, but also let People are more girlish.


For those girls who want more fashion sense, this s-type bangs can create more sweet fashion sense for you, and also let you have more beauty effects, with long hair will be more The fashion has personality.

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