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Posted by on October 27, 2018

What is the long hair and waist? Generally, the girls will choose to make long curly hair, fluffy wave rolls with super long hair and beautiful and handsome. The layered ripples are matched with the long waist and the waist is thinner and more sexy. This water-drop type hair tail is also the most hairy girl.

Brown, linen, winter-stained sisters with long curly hair look better, rippled curly hair will always look like a spring breeze. This slightly smaller wave volume adds a mystery, such as the long hair of the waterfall is completely the back of the killer!

curly hair

After the hair is very long, the hot roll can also slightly increase the amount of hair, so that the hair of your hair does not look very small.

The wavy hair will also give a very gentle feeling, and the sweet lady will heal. In winter, it is draped in curls like this, and it can keep warm. Long curly hair is slightly more stunned, and the bow princess head girl bursts!

The girl with long curly hair makes a little bit of change in hair color and is even more amazing! Gradient and long curly hair with a sweet dream.

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