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Posted by on November 1, 2018

The most common hair style for girls is long hair, and girls staying in the long hair can create different styles. You can create a youthful sense of vitality in the middle and long hair, or you can easily enjoy the hot shawl in the winter. For those who like the changing style, if you also have medium and long hair, take a look at the following long hair care skills.

Gold brown long hair style

long hair

The long hair style is the favorite of the girls. It can be said that the boys probably also like the girls who keep this hairstyle! There may be no short hair and big straight hair, but it is the same sweetness. The medium-length hair produces a slight curl, and after dyeing hair with golden brown hair, it is sweet and pretty, and there are also European and American styles.

Hair curling hairstyle

long hair

This medium-length hair style is very sweet and Japanese. The hair ends produce the inner buckle curl, which can trim the hair tail to a rich sense of layering. This makes it even more beautiful after the roll. The front is equipped with a broken cut bangs, and the daily casual shawl is perfect. The favorite sister paper can be directly burned to make it permanent.

Medium long straight hair style

long hair

The long hair straight hair style is also a very good choice! For lazy cancer girls, there is no need to worry about the long straight hair is too monotonous to look good. In fact, it can be said that it is a classic hair style that looks good. The long hair straight hair with the broken cut Qi Liu design, simple and neat with a small retro femininity.

Eversion curly hairstyle

long hair

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like straight hair. It’s okay to do it like this. The beautiful women who like it can also be directly burned out. With the second dimension of bangs in front of the forehead, it instantly adds a sense of playfulness. The thin and light bangs are matched with the valgus shape, and the gold-brown hair color is the same as the eye-catching index.

Asymmetrical mid-length hair style

long hair

It is also medium and long hair, but different shapes can reveal different temperament and gas field. The hair is buckled in the middle, and the asymmetry is also very cute. For those who like cute, they can be equipped with eyebrows and bangs. The addition of linen hair highlights mysterious beauty and is also very white.

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