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Posted by on November 2, 2018

Speaking of twists, I must be familiar with everyone. Fashionable and pure style always wins the love of girls. Korean twists are sweeping across Asia, and people can’t refuse it. If you want to age, Look good, that will definitely help you today!

Korean style twists have been popular since the fashion, want to learn a fresh and innovative twist hair style, two minutes will help you get rid of it!

Korean style

Comb the shape of the BOBO head full of Korean style, and use the hand to turn the entire short hair back and fluffy to prepare for the next step.

Then, grab a hair from the front of the forehead to the left and weave it into a rich twist shape. Use a rubber band to tie it and fix the twist around the back of the head.

Then, picking up a handful of hair from the back of the ear is also a fluffy twist shape.

After pulling the rest of the hair straight, and placing it on top of the twist, then use the rubber band to fix the ponytail

Korean style

Finally, fold the tail that has just been tied up and use a clip to fix it, then use your favorite hair accessory to embellish the entire Korean style.

Korean style twists and fluffy fashion sense is the favorite of girls, the most important thing is the effect of ageing, the simple method is simply not to love.

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