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Posted by on August 7, 2018

There are three ways you can work as a Legal Nurse Consultant. Your salary  depends on the option you choose:

  1. Independent Consultant: Work as an independent consultant in your own Legal Nurse practice. This is the most popular option because it pays the best and has the most flexibility.
  2. In-House: Find a Legal Nurse job at a law firm, insurance company, or managed care organization. Some Nurses like this role because it sometimes includes benefits and they don’t have to look for cases. But, the pay isn’t as good as independent consulting.
  3. Subcontractor: Work with independent consultants and share your expertise in related cases. Subcontractors typically make more than In-house, but less than independently practicing Legal Nurses who are working directly with the attorneys. You would have to rely on other Legal Nurses to secure work for you. The work load will not be as regular as you may like since you will have to rely on other Legal Nurses to find the cases for you.

Continue reading below to find out how much each Legal Nurse typically makes:

Typical Legal Nurse Consultant Salary


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