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IBZ Store Reviews: Is IBZ Store Legit Brand or Scam?

About Ibz Store

Ibz store is a web-based shopping site specialized to hygiene products such as masks, t-shirts, shocks, and other such items. There are a lot of products on this website. Their apparel has a distinct and distinctive appearance, and their items are quite durable.

They’re even running specials on their products. You can also buy the items in conjunction with a great deal. It’s difficult to obtain information on it because it’s a new platform. Some people, however, are unsure whether Ibz store is legitimate or not. Because it is an internet web platform, some people mistrust its veracity.


Discount and sales offers:

It claims to sell a large number of products at steep discounts. You should be aware that most scam sites these days offer such large discounts to entice individuals to join their scam.



Ibz. clothing offers free shipping to the United Kingdom.

Ibz. clothing is offering an 11% discount on all tees.

Ibz. clothing is a simple and user-friendly UI with sorting options.

The Tee’s specifications and images can be seen on Ibz. clothing.

Tees are available in sizes ranging from x small to 2x-large.



The size of the tees may vary depending on international standards.

In some Ibz. clothing countries, credit card payment options are not accessible.

On Ibz. clothing, there are no alternatives for filtering or searching.

Ibz. clothing has four product categories, making it easy for customers to narrow down their options.

Ibz. clothing provides a web-based inventory analysis and control system that allows users to buy 9,999 of the same item.


Customers’ Reviews:

Ibz. clothing has two favourable online reviews. On Ibz. clothing, product reviews are not included. In other areas on the Internet, there are no consumer reviews for Ibz. clothing. Ibz. clothing has a rank of 0 on Alexa.




Based on the Ibz store Scam study, Ibz. clothing appears to be a trustworthy site with a high trust score and company ranking. However, Ibz. clothing has a low Alexa rank after more than two years. The suspicion evaluation did not go well for Ibz. clothing. We recommend that you look into other possibilities before purchasing from Ibz. clothing because there was no acknowledgement from the client regarding delivery.


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