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Aikocol Reviews: Is this a website that sells food products?

About Us

In 2005, we bought the African Hut, a little neighbourhood store that sold a few South African goods. During the course of the following three years, we expanded the African Hut into a large-scale store, launched a website, and opened the British Food Shop and the International Food Store as additional retail locations. With our wholesale company, SA Import Company, we also began an importing and distributing chain. We, as a network of businesses, deliver to merchants all across the country and import goods from several nations around the world. We serve local consumers in-person and customers across the nation online. Our first focus has always been to provide the broadest range of items possible, giving every consumer the chance to experience a taste of home.

Refunds and Shipping


Shipping and handling are not included in the item pricing on the website. Consumers in California must pay a sales tax of 8.00% on a selection of goods. Based on your zip code, the shipping and handling costs will be calculated when you begin the checkout process.


Usually, orders are handled in 1–2 business days (Mon–Fri). Order processing may take longer in November, December, and the month leading up to Easter. Processed orders that are heavy or incomplete may take longer. Please specify in the comment box if you need your delivery by a certain date, and we will try our best to meet your needs. Shipping costs are determined by weight, distance, and delivery time. Within the United States, Next Day, Second Day, and Ground options are frequently available.

A Three Day Select purchase submitted on Wednesday would normally arrive on the following Monday because deliveries are not made on Saturday or Sunday. Your zip code determines the ground shipment transit time. Orders should reach their destinations on the East Coast in 4 to 5 business days, Texas or Washington State in 3 business days, and Northern California in 2 business days. The working week runs from Monday through Friday.


Right now, we deliver anywhere in the country that UPS serves. There are stringent laws in place in several US states that prohibit their citizens from purchasing alcohol in other states. Only those who are at least 21 years old are permitted to order alcohol, and they must be present to accept the delivery. Orders may only weigh up to 150 pounds, according to the shipping calculation. If your order is bigger than that, please divide it into two orders or call the shop to place the order.

Frozen Goods

To prevent spoilage, frozen goods must arrive within 24 hours. You should select the next-day delivery option. Sadly, this option is somewhat expensive; therefore, in order to make it economical, we advise purchasing at least 5 pounds. Orders sent through Ground to zip codes beginning with 92 and 93 ought to arrive the next day.

Assurance of Contentment

At The British Food Store, we work hard to give you high-quality goods and first-rate service. Please let us know if, for any reason, you are not entirely happy with your buying experience with us.

Return Procedure

All of the items sold by The International Food Store, The African Hut, and The British Food Shop come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Please read the guidelines below and get in touch with us at International Food Store (949) 582-3185, African Hut (949) 582-9546, or British Shop (949) 582-2645 if you don’t think your order was adequate. When you call, please leave a thorough message about your shipping. We will contact you as soon as we have all the details about your order. To get in touch with us, please email us at We apologise if the inconvenience has caused you any trouble. If there are any problems with your order when it comes, do let us know.

Short-shipped goods:

A billing mechanism that is akin to the self-checkout at grocery shops has just been installed. We find it very hard to send orders without including every item listed on the cash receipt thanks to this technique. To assure accuracy, all items are electronically weighed, and every box is checked out and packed under the watchful eye of video monitoring. Check your cash register receipt to be sure you were charged for the item you believe you are missing if you feel you have not gotten all of the products you have been charged for.

Please get in touch with us if the unpaid item is shown on your invoice and leave a thorough note that includes your name, the packing slip number, and a phone number where we can find you. Please preserve the package until we get in touch with you about your invoice and leave a thorough note that includes your name, the packing slip number, and a phone number where we can find you. Please preserve the package until we get in touch with you. As we need to obtain the scale history and video footage in order to complete this transaction, it can take a day or two. Any dispute must be filed within seven days of the package’s delivery, since beyond that point, our video footage won’t be accessible. After this time, no claims will be accepted.

Products that have been spoiled or damaged

Please keep the items if you believe you have received a spoiled or broken product. Items that have been eaten or thrown away cannot be refunded. For a return authorization number, kindly get in touch with us. Upon delivery of the defective item, approved returns may, in the sole judgement of a business official, get a full credit. Sadly, we are unable to accept responsibility for things that experience heat damage during severe weather.

Service lapses or shipments that are damaged:

We will resend your product and file a claim for damages with UPS if your package was damaged in transit. To make a claim for the damage, damaged items must be sent back to us by UPS in exactly the same condition as when they were first delivered. Provide us all the information we need about your order, and we’ll set up a UPS pickup for the item or package.

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