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Bellelily Reviews:Is It Really Catering To Your Fashion Needs?

Bellelily is a wholesale and retail fashion business With a 10-year existence. They claimed to have operated a business selling inexpensive clothing for ten years prior to coming online. Bellelily is situated in China, where they procure their materials and produce their products. Later, they sell it to individuals all around the world on the website. They mostly specialise in apparel, footwear, swimwear, etc. If I had to sum it up in one word, I’d call it an all-rounder. You must first determine whether a website is legitimate before deciding to use it. Can Bellelily be compared to that? Bellelily is legitimate because they are registered with businesses in both China and the UK. It is sufficient to say that they will not defraud you.
You might be curious to check it out since it is a one-stop shop for everything trendy. Bellelily is legitimate, but that alone isn’t enough to make me want to shop there. Check out what more I can find for you now. Things get a little murky when it comes to Bellelily’s return policy. They don’t have a clear returns policy, which makes it tough to ship stuff back right away. They claim that there is a 7-day return window. However, they must get their customer service to approve it. 7┬ádays, in my opinion, is too little time to request a return, and acceptance is rarely assured. Additionally, the return fee frequently ends up being more expensive than the item’s original cost.

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