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Reviews Reviews: Does It Work? is a money-making website that advertises that it may help you become financially independent. They allow you the opportunity to work and earn money every week. But whether it is real or a scam is the crucial question.
The site is too new and we don’t have enough details.
The following justifies our classification: Check the WOT database’s trust score for Millions of users use the browser extension WOT to rate websites and online stores. Someone must have had a negative encounter for the site to get a low WOT trust rating. Request a site evaluation from WOT if your website has a poor rating. blocked? Check the safety report below.
We use numerous domain blocklists to examine the website to determine whether it is dangerous. A restricted website might be involved in virus or spam activity. The domain name was merely registered 5 months ago. A shopping website that was launched less than four months ago is too fresh and may be suspect. If a domain name is too “new,” we may not have enough information to appraise it. I would not purchase items from a recently launched internet store.

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