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Elsiu Reviews: Is this website selling women’s amazing clothing collections?

Elsiu reviews:


You may have stumbled across Elsiu if you were seeking an online retailer where you could buy apparel and accessories. The website advertises a large selection of cheap apparel items, such as dresses, shirts, and two-piece sets. The business may not be a real online retailer, so it’s crucial to be aware of these warning signs before you decide to make a purchase from them.

Creation of a website

The website for Elsiu was only launched in October 2022, and it will go down in October 2023. This brief lifespan raises the possibility that the website was made to defraud unwary customers and is thus disposable. Reputable internet businesses often last longer and make an investment in the upkeep of their websites and online presence.

Customer Dissatisfaction

Several consumers who have shopped at Elsiu have posted negative reviews about the store online. Several people have complained that they never received the products they bought, while others say they received completely unrelated items. Customers have reported making futile attempts to get refunds from the shop, leaving them angry and out of cash.

A fake contact address cites XBP International Ltd., 145–157 Saint John’s Street, London, England, ECIV 4PW as its postal address. A check for this address indicates that it is connected to other phoney web shops nonetheless. This implies that Elsiu could be attempting to conceal its identity from clients. On their websites, legitimate businesses always include complete information about themselves, including their contact information and physical address.

Doubtful Discounts

Elsiu has extremely inexpensive apparel item pricing, and some of the reductions seem too good to be true. This is a typical strategy employed by shady internet retailers to seduce unwary customers into completing a purchase. Customers frequently receive subpar goods or products that are completely unrelated to what they requested.

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