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Glamnetic Nails Reviews: Think Twice Before You Buy

Each set of Glamnetic’s Press-On Nails is made from premium materials to avoid bending or splitting and is intended to last up to two weeks. The Sprinkles Nail Set has short, almond-shaped french tips in vibrant hues to complement your best mood. Reusable and simple to apply again.┬áDo press-on nails fit the definition of beauty minimalism? I have no idea, but I was determined to learn. I immediately said yes when the Glamentic messaged me on Instagram and asked if I wanted to try their press-on nail kits! I used to go to the nail salon fairly frequently before the pandemic for a conventional gel manicure. Looking back, I can see that it was time- and money-consuming.

I received two press-on nail kits from Glamentic. “Sweetener,” a creamy nude manicure style with marble and gold elements, really piqued my interest. It appears understated enough for daily wear but could still be appropriate for formal occasions. I went for Sprinkles for the second kit, which is essentially a French manicure with vibrant colourful tips. Glamnetic press-on nails are undoubtedly a cost-effective alternative to a trip to the manicure salon, but there is a small learning curve the first time. I would definitely be prepared to wear these again and buy additional designs despite a few issues with the initial application. It won’t take me nearly as long to finish now that I know how the nail sizes are arranged.

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