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Huliony Reviews: Is this website selling the best garden design products?

Huliony Reviews: Legit Garden Ornament Store or Scam?

Do you wish to purchase Huliony’s wind-powered kinetic sculptures seen at huliony com? Not yet, please! See why I do not advocate purchasing garden decorations of any type from the Huliony website by reading this review. Online shopping and bad reviews will be the second-most-reported fraud category in 2023, according to the FTC. As a result, we have accepted the duty of evaluating goods, shops, websites, etc. for the sake of our users’ financial security. We have discovered that Huliony has a history of defrauding clients by giving them subpar imitations or failing to deliver the goods at all. While buying online, it’s crucial to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making any purchases.

What does the website huliony com do?

A variety of outdoor garden ornaments and decorations are sold at this online business, including solar garden pyrotechnics, wind-powered kinetic sculptures, hummingbird feeders, bird stained glass window hangings, an American flag wreath, etc. And the costs for these things are really reasonable. Huliony, regrettably, is just another internet buying scam. I identified the following problems throughout my research:

It is owned by a dubious corporation with a tonne of unfavourable web evaluations. The website’s trustworthy seals are bogus and not from recognised organisations. The website has only been operational for a few weeks; it was registered in March 2023. Not a single functional social media page is connected. You should be considering cancelling the task at this time! Nonetheless, keep reading if you’re still interested in making a purchase from this shop.

Other Disadvantages of Shopping at Huliony com

Transport and Delivery

By giving the appearance that its real store or warehouse is in France, Yet that is not the case. It is explicitly mentioned on the website that the provided address, “253 RUE SAINT HONORE 75001, PARIS, ILE DE FRANCE,” is a pseudonym and not the return address. In actuality, the internet store is situated in China, as is typical for businesses there. To win over buyers, they use fictitious addresses. Shipping and delivery actually take weeks or even months.

customer complaints

Online evaluations from customers who purchased from this site claim that they received a completely different item. Most of the time, the decorations were much smaller and didn’t resemble those in the advertisement. Also, any attempt to get in touch with the shop for a refund was futile. These grievances may harm the store’s image and drive away prospective consumers. In order to guarantee client pleasure, it is crucial for the shop to address these problems right away and find a solution.

Return Procedure

Customers are not well-served by the return and exchange policies of this retailer. Customers must pay shipping costs when returning anything, contrary to the majority of well-known retailers. We’ve encountered instances where the return shipping charge was greater than the price of the item purchased, which is why this does not always mean that it is fake. The majority of shady websites employ this tactic to annoy visitors. This policy may lead to dissatisfied customers who may choose to shop elsewhere in the future. A more customer-friendly return and exchange policy could improve the retailer’s reputation and increase customer loyalty.

Theft of Contents

The artwork and sculptures created by Etsy merchants have been taken by The actual creators of the sculptures have not given Huliony permission to sell their creations. Some of the sculptures really fetch prices of around $1,000. And they are far larger than the small duplicates that these con artists send. The BBC published a report on this copyright theft at the beginning of June. demonstrating that phoney websites that advertise the sale of this garden furniture have defrauded hundreds of consumers.

Can you trust huliony com?

Huliony com is an unreliable retailer of garden accessories based on the important details mentioned above. The website is riddled with warning signs. First of all, it is controlled by a dishonest business that swindles sculptors’ creations from Etsy. This shop offers extremely low discounts to entice clients, similar to the majority of fake e-commerce businesses. Customers, however, frequently receive something different from what they expected after placing an order. A typical bait-and-switch fraud instance Unlucky consumers receive absolutely nothing and have no way to get in touch with the shop.

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