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Juicici Clothing Reviews: Is this website selling the best women’s clothing?

Juicici: Is it fast fashion?

Juicici is a well-known women’s apparel brand that offers a variety of fashionable clothing items. The firm offers a variety of products for sale, including sets, swimwear, woven items, coats, and shirts and bottoms. The business also sells other items, such as eyeglasses. Juicici also provides a distinctive grouping of stylish and seasonal collections on its website. Among them are the Go on a Date, Kpop Style, Color Palette, and other collections. The firm sells its products all around the world, with various shipping laws for each nation.

Is Juicici Brand Fashion?

It is, without question. The brand’s website provides a huge assortment of items for incredibly low prices, which entices customers to keep buying more. Also, the company continually adds novel patterns and designs to its inventory. Customers are tempted to follow trends and frequently get rid of their old, barely worn garments as a result.

Is it moral?

Juicici is one of the most unethical brands out there, I am sure to say after conducting an extensive study on the company. This is why:

Duplicate Designs

I’ll give the brand credit for maintaining a really attractive website. Unfortunately, every item that the company offers is a copy of a genuine designer product. Its catalogues include one item that is special or different. I seriously doubt that it genuinely owns the pictures and is just using them to market its products. Together with its clothing designs, this website’s layout and concept are eerily similar to those of other well-known clothing websites. I won’t refer to it as inspiration. It is immediately copied and pasted.

Contradictory Information About Address

Juicici’s Facebook profile formerly said that the business is based in China. The brand has deleted that URL from its page immediately. Yet Juicici’s name didn’t come up when that place was searched on an internet map. not even in the immediate vicinity. At that address, I could see other businesses listed. On the other hand, the brand’s website indicates that Hong Kong is where it is based. The amusing thing is that Juicici doesn’t even appear at this place on a map.

Complicated Return and Exchange Policies

Customers can return items and exchange them with the brand. The requirements it has set for these rules are nevertheless incredibly unrealistic. Customers who purchase such products find it very hard to get their money back. Hence, whether you like it or not, once you’ve purchased something from Juicici, you’re pretty much stuck with it.

Inadequate customer service

Every respectable and well-known business places a premium on offering its customers the best possible customer service, yet Juicici does the opposite. I discovered several Juicici customer evaluations on various websites and shopping portals. Due to its lack of reactivity, more than 50% of individuals judge its customer service to be very poor. The same applies to exchanges and returns. Even if you miraculously succeed in meeting the requirements, you won’t hear back from them.

Details on the supply chain are lacking.

On its website or Facebook page, the brand has not provided any information on its manufacturing processes or manufacturing facilities. The locations and working environments in which the brand’s items are produced remain unknown. And even if the brand is purchasing from a different supplier, there is no proof that the brand has established any sort of code of behavior. We are also kept in the dark about its labour practises and any extra steps the firm takes to decrease production waste. One thing is certain, though—given its startlingly cheap price tags—that its workers would not be receiving a decent wage. This demonstrates that the company cares the least about protecting the environment and worker rights.

Low-quality, unsustainable, and inexpensive materials

Juicici employs relatively low-grade fabric in its goods since the majority of the patterns are inexpensive knockoffs of those made by other clothing companies. Its materials are largely unsustainable in addition to being of inferior quality. The brand only causes significant textile waste due to its extremely short retail life cycle and significant stock updates every other month.

Information on the owner is missing.

Have you ever come across a renowned apparel company whose founder remains anonymous? I don’t, and I’m certain you haven’t either. I mean, why would they want to stay obscure if they are operating such a great brand? But welcome to Juicici, which has purposefully used a paid service to conceal its owner’s identity.

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