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kaegreel Shoes Reviews: Must Read This Before Buying

Kaegreel footwear took a long time to reach me. They are the incorrect size. I ordered the wrong size. (They change from American to European sizes via some hocus pocus.) They advise me to both keep and sell the footwear. I’d rather not. I attempt to give them back. They want me to send them back to a Chinese address. Even though I only paid $13 for freight when I bought the boots, I ended up spending a little over $30 to mail them there. After a $6.79 reduction, the boots were only $27.20. Send the incorrect or a cheap Chinese product. Offer a discount on a subsequent purchase or demand shipping fees for the return and replacement item that are greater than the value of the returned item.Facebook does an excellent job of spotting any “fake information,” but it never even checks on its advertising! This was the last communication from this Chinese company scam.
Due to hand measurement, there may be a 2 cm / 1 inch inaccuracy in the size. The correct size is determined using these measurements as a guide. Please measure yourself and select your size accordingly. Please select the appropriate size based on your individual measurements. Based on the global sizing standard, the sizes listed. They are absolutely lovely! good quality footwear It was a terrific fit and the shoes were wonderful. I hope to pass, the shipping was quick, and I recommend it because it is so very, very good. I took on size more and wasn’t mistaken.

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