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Kencko – High Quality, Nutritious Plant-based Smoothies & Gumdrops Provides Nourishing Overall Diet

About Kencko Reviews

We have found a number of positive reviews on Kenko’s websites, Amazon, and various discussion platforms. Customers have great things to say about the brand and all the products that they manufacture.
Customers comment that the product is super easy to use, just add water, shake and sip it off on the go.

They also seem to love the packaging of the product and appreciate it for being environmentally friendly. The flavors are natural and they love how no sugars are added to it. The best part is that they taste great even with almond or soy milk. They also love how a bottle is added to the starter kit.
A few said that they found seeds crushed too which reduces the flavor. They were dissatisfied and will not be ordering again as the brand did not deliver as per their expectations and for the price that they are charging

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