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Lavinia Hair Reviews: Is this website providing women’s wigs?

About Lavinia hair.

LAVINIA® was driven to do research, produce distinctive, top-quality hair, and ensure that the top-quality hair could last many years since black women’s attractiveness made it so desirable to be able to use the best hair for a long period of time without worrying. The co-founders, Michelle and Corona, experimented with several solutions to these issues during the creation process. Michelle’s perseverance finally paid off when they discovered the greatest material and cutting-edge technology for maintaining curls. You can now recognise the original hair thanks to our fingerprint. Most importantly, we are more than just a hair provider; we are also your adviser for hair usage and maintenance. Human hair will endure for at least a year, we guarantee. Also, we’ll do our utmost to assist you in resolving hair issues or to provide a return or refund. We have a duty to make your buying experience enjoyable!

Who are we?

LAVINIA® is a brand with 22 years of expertise that was founded in New York in 1999. We steadily expanded from a tiny local textile processing business to a major global human hair business.

Our life is quality.

With over 1,000,000 sales and service transactions under our belts, we have a first-hand understanding of what our customers require. We provide unrivalled product selection and excellent customer service with more than 100 sales and customer service employees. Our customers may receive their products in about 7–15 days, and we have sold to over 150 countries globally!


Each and every one of you is the key to our success! We value your opinions on our goods and enjoy reading all of the photographs and stories posted on our website. You motivate us and remind us that what we do entails much more than just providing wearable hair. The wearer of wigs and hair extensions can feel gorgeous, confident, and ready to take on the world.

Why did you pick Lavinia?

Several consumers in the market claim that the hair they bought isn’t sturdy, therefore they constantly have a negative online purchasing experience. Also, people are unable to get quality hair from the confusing number of internet hair merchants.


We sell handcrafted wigs and hair extensions, including bundles, lace frontals, and lace closures, that are of excellent quality and reasonable prices. Each strand of hair is manually selected to guarantee that the cuticles are pointing in the same direction. This lessens the chance of tangling. Your hair will have a natural fullness, wave, and usability thanks to our outstanding, full-bodied, and long-lasting hair. Similar to how you would with your own hair, you may wash it, dye it, and blow dry it. If you take care of your hair properly, it will remain beautiful and functional for more than two years.

Wigs with white lacing

A cutting-edge new lace style called “Clear Lace” is translucent and blends perfectly with your skin. Better than Swiss lace, transparent lace, brown lace, or any other lace variety on the market, it provides a wonderful skin-melting experience. Because the Clear Lace is undetectable on the skin, as seen in the image below, your wig will seem completely natural regardless of your skin tone.

Tidy hairline

A new hand-tying technique called “clean hairline” imitates a bio-natural human hairline. Compared to a typical, pre-plucked hairline, this one seems far more natural. With our Clean Hairline technology, you can stop picking at your own hairline. A neat hairline will make it simple to blend your wig into your skin and give it a very natural-looking appearance.

What we offer

We provide O2O, OEM, and ODM services, which basically means that we may serve as your supplier if you want to quickly establish your own business or become a wholesale customer. We’ll provide you with things that are both excellent and reasonably priced. 24/7, we will be here to address any of your inquiries! We pay close attention to the needs of our wonderful clients and just want you to enjoy working with LAVINIA® Hair Vendor! Contact us at at any time.

Premium Virgin Human Hair of the Highest Quality

Natural human hair from India:

We take satisfaction in exclusively utilising unprocessed Indian virgin human hair for our wigs at LUV Beauty. The best grade human hair is available with our Indian virgin hair. It doesn’t tangle, has a lot of substance, and blends in perfectly with your natural hair. We can give you long glam wigs that are full from root to tip since they are silky, lustrous, and come in very long lengths. Also, the silky smooth texture of our hair may be changed by heat styling, roller sets, colouring, and other methods. In every way, our Indian human hair is “premium.”

Natural Brazilian Hair:

Brazilian virgin hair wigs come in a variety of sizes. Brazilian virgin hair has a high density, a natural appearance, and a tonne of styling options. Compared to other extension varieties, it has a rougher texture that makes it easier to blend in with coarser natural hair types. With the right care, our Brazilian hair is also resilient and long-lasting. Virgin human hair is very in demand due to its many benefits. Contrary to non-virgin hair, which undergoes chemical treatments and cuticle removal to change its texture, it is devoid of chemicals.

Moreover, virgin human hair is strong and resistant to knots, with less shedding since all of the hair cuticles are undisturbed and travel in the same direction. Also, it gives you countless colour and design choices. The biggest advantage of virgin human hair is that it most closely resembles your own hair, being thick and glossy with a natural flow and movement. It is very simple to maintain and has a long lifespan.

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