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National Society Of High School Scholars Legit: Is It Legit or Scam?

The National Society of High School Scholars

What looks to be a renowned academic prize was given to one of my kids. A creme-coloured envelope with a lovely handwritten return address that resembled a graduation invitation showed up in our mailbox. Moreover, the high school’s name was written on the envelope, giving the impression that the administration had approved of this. I was initially thrilled, but the information was confusing. My youngster received an invitation to join the Atlanta-based National Society of High School Scholars. Its abbreviation, NSHSS, is similar to the prestigious and well-respected National Honour Society (NHS). There was a message inside the package that stated, “Congratulations! based on your exceptional academic performance.

Your selection for membership has been made. The letter continued by stating that only a “limited group” of pupils had been offered this invitation. It was claimed that joining the group would grant access to $500,000 in scholarships and “academic competitions” that would be given out over the next year. Also, a student may mention membership in a college application. A membership form that needed to be returned together with a $60 lifetime registration fee was handed to us, along with a confirmation code. Families that are unable to pay for it are granted a waiver. An NSHSS-branded t-shirt and a diploma are given to students who join. A black bumper sticker with the words “Proud Parent of a Scholar: The National Society of High School Scholars NSHSS” was also included in the invitation package. If I so desired, I could tell the world my child was part of an “elite” group. (However, I’m not really a bumper-sticker type of person.)

What NSHSS Provides

an opportunity to compete in “academic competitions” and win scholarships. (Read on for more information.) A membership can be mentioned on a college application. both a bumper sticker and a t-shirt.

The NSHSS: What Is It?

I was curious enough about the package to delay shredding it until I knew more about the source. The NSHSS is what, and what does it do?

The company is

Claes Nobel, a descendant of the man who instituted the Nobel Prize, and James Lewis, who created the Golden Key International Honour Society, launched the organisation in 2002. The Board of Directors is outstanding and includes Nobel Prize winners and author Maya Angelou.

How many individuals?

The NSHSS asserts itself to be the “leading” honour society in the world (based on membership). Over 750,000 individuals from 160 nations have thus far accepted invitations.

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