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Pet Pal La Reviews: Does this company provide the best guidance for pet care?

Will PetPal be released for Android?

Just the Apple App Store is presently where you may get our app. PetPal’s Android version is also under development and is expected to become live at a later time.

Does PetPal provide direct messaging?

The PetPal app will be used by many of kids. If users cannot send direct messages to one another, we feel the programme will be significantly safer for young children to use.

What if I’m not a pet owner?

We recognise that many animal enthusiasts without pets would enjoy using PetPal. If you notify PetPal during registration that you don’t own an animal, the app will give you an account name like Top Dog 25 or Awesome Cat 12, and you may select whatever image you like for your account’s profile picture, such as a cartoon animal if you’d like.

Can I use PetPal to promote my pet-related company or service?

Call Ad Sales at (800) 875-6750 ext. 130 for more information on placing an ad on PetPal. You may email as well.

How can I invest in PetPal?

For information about becoming an investor, contact Investor Relations at (800) 875-6750 extension 132. You can also emai

How do I make investments in PetPal?

Contact Investor Relations at (800) 875-6750 ext. 132 for more on how to invest. You may also e-mail.

Goldstein, Eric

When we have travelled out of town, we have frequently used L.A. Pet Buddy. Lance doesn’t simply go in, throw some food in a dish, and leave. With the exception of the pet who doesn’t want any attention, which Lance respects, he spends time with our animals, gives them the care they desire, snaps photos of them, and texts us. Previous pet sitters left us concerned for our animals’ welfare, leaving us unsure of what to expect when we got home. Every time he comes to visit, Lance talks to our animals, ensuring their happiness and our peace of mind. And the one time there was a problem, he let us know right away, and together, we problem-solved our way to a joyful resolution for our cat. Lance comes highly recommended. Don’t think twice. He sincerely loves all the animals.

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