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Rebelstork Reviews: Is It Legitimate brand or a Scam?

Rebelstork reviewed and approved it.

Reoftork quality and Coitus listed specialists rate the content on our website before each specialist rates it. Our system for rapid resale pricing has determined all prices. Because of our Rebby Pinky Promise, you can be sure that you’re always getting the best baby goods.

We at Rebelstork support a circular economy and a sustainable future.

also the effectiveness of the Parenting LighterTM. We have developed a ground-breaking method to lessen the financial and environmental costs associated with raising children by keeping these three pillars in mind. By using less energy, you can maximise your parenting time while you #RebelStorkIt.

The first tech-focused infant gear store in North America is called Rebelstork.

designed for a new wave of economically and ethically conscious parents. We are a top spot for reselling high-quality baby gear, some of which has never been used and would otherwise wind up in landfills, and we are powered by AI evaluation technology REVTM. It all began when CEO and creator Emily Hosie noticed that trying to sell a swing was a hassle that wasn’t required. Emily’s drive to improve and lighten parenting was fueled by her entrepreneurial energy and 18 years of experience working in the corporate retail sector. ™ We connect parents who want to purchase and sell baby items without undue stress through our tech-first community marketplace. We assist parents in regaining some of their money by identifying things with the best resale value.

Everything has an impact.

Rebelstork proudly strikes a balance between purpose and profit, keeping the environment at the forefront of every company choice and reducing the load on future generations. As a result of our environmental activism, we were awarded the BCorporation designation, the highest standard for a socially responsible company.

FlockGives brings you joy.

By providing women in need with vital baby gear through our #FlockGives campaigns and collaborations with Mamas for Mamas and The New Mom Project, we have a demonstrable effect every day.

The Top 20 Baby Books to Give Expectant and New Parents by Rebby

Sick of seeing the same baby books all the time? Your present will stand out and be appreciated because of our 2023 Rebby Book Roundup. Have you ever been asked to a baby shower and had trouble thinking of a present to bring? Most upcoming parents compile a very detailed and well-researched list of the things they desire most, so the answer is probably no. Convenient? Very. Personal? Not really. Keeping your thoughtful registry while also proposing that each guest bring a children’s book autographed with a short note and their name is a terrific approach to having the best of both worlds.

Be reassured that years from now, the bassinet will be a distant memory, while you will always remember those special books from your closest family and friends as you read them to your child every night. In the moment, the books might not seem as exciting as the bassinet that rocks automatically in seven different ways. Here are our top 20 recommendations for children’s books to present to new (and expectant) parents, which include both timeless classics and contemporary tales that are likely to stick with readers forever. We also want to highlight the first four novels published by very outstanding black authors in honour of Black History Month.

What do “excellent used,” “overstock,” and “open box” baby gear mean?

Yes, if you’re a first-time customer at Rebelstork, this is the year to be open-minded about open boxes, overstock, and high-quality secondhand baby gear. This is the query that Team Rebby is asked the most frequently on a daily basis. We are here to prevent infant equipment from ending up in landfills. Simply because the box was previously opened and sent back to the merchant, we provide the top brands at a fraction of the price. On our marketplace, this is marked as an “open box.” Rebelstork combines with top-tier shops and brands with an eye on affordability and sustainability to ensure that you can purchase the greatest baby gear—such as bassinettes, car seats, high chairs, and strollers—before it ends up in landfills. Each object is examined before being listed and is utterly desirable. Also available are deals on uncommon, “gently used” pre-owned items that you won’t find anywhere else. Our products assist Mother Earth and a circular economy powered by our flock, elevating kindness to a new level. There has never been a better moment to purchase ethically, with inflation at all-time highs, supply chain difficulties persisting, and climate change taking place right before our eyes.

Resale is in style. Secondhand has completely lost its stigma, and sustainability is a virtue. Honestly, it’s the only way to combat inflation. not to mention Overstock! These are the brand-new (never opened or used) products that require a new home. Our pinky pledge was created out of a desire to improve and provide you the tools you need to purchase wisely. It is meant to make parenting simpler and give you access to the best baby gear, regardless of your budget. As of this writing, we have prevented approximately 150,000 product pieces from ending up in landfills. Additionally, we have assisted many parents in making informed selections regarding their purchases. You’re covered, baby! Check out our lovely and eco-friendly new arrivals. All the brands are included in your cart at the best prices.

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