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Rotita Reviews: Is It Legit Or Just a Waste of Time? Scam Alart!

Processing and delivery times for Rotita Com in the USA: The tables below contain information on shipping costs and procedures for Rotita Canada, Rotita UK, and Rotita Australia. Pricing and shipping information for Rotita Canada On orders under CA$99, customers in Canada can anticipate paying CA$12.98 for standard shipping. In Canada, all Rotita orders over $99 receive free standard shipping. There is no free expedited shipping option for Canadian customers, and the cost of Rotita Canada’s expedited shipping will depend on how much you spend.

Rotita UK: Pricing & Shipping Options

Customers in the UK receive free standard shipping from Rotita with orders over £45. The price for any order below that is £6.99. Any Rotita UK order over £109 qualifies for free expedited shipping if you want your order sooner. Rotita Australia: Pricing and Shipping Options On orders over AU$95, Rotita Australia offers free standard shipping. The cost of shipping will be AU$14.69 if you make a smaller purchase. In a similar vein, Rotita Australia does not provide free expedited shipping to Australian customers, unlike most places.

Rotita South Africa: Pricing and Shipping Options

No standard shipping is provided for free by Rotita South Africa. You will pay ZAR 435 for shipping if your order is less than ZAR 2260.03 in total. The approximate cost of any Rotita South Africa order over ZAR 2260.03 is ZAR 206.93.


Rotita has received 4,13 out of 5 stars from 9,118 customers, which shows that most of them are generally happy with their purchases. Customer service, high quality, and numerous compliments are mentioned most frequently by satisfied customers with their purchases. Customer service, high quality, and numerous compliments are mentioned most frequently by satisfied customers. Among websites offering discounts on goods, Rotita is second.

overall performance

  • Additionally, the customer service is excellent because you receive email updates.
  • The item I purchased is of excellent quality, and the shopping experience was great! I adore it so much!

Important highlights

  • I’m forced to wear a bathing suit top that I didn’t pick out because I have company coming this weekend.
  • I wasted $62 because I had never heard of such a ridiculous return policy.


I had a perfect fit in my jumpsuit. I ordered a medium because I’m 5’3″ and weigh 125 pounds. It was a little long, but my friend picked it up for me! It is made of materials of excellent quality. There were three swimsuits ordered. I get a swimsuit I didn’t order six weeks later! I asked where my suits were and sent a message with a picture of what I had received. Two months later, I still haven’t received my suits, and customer service only wants to see a picture of what I got! Avert China. They portray a lack of comprehension! a ripoff

Consumer advice: Avoid doing business with them; they are dishonest

Products used: Nobody I know fits into a 3XL bathing suit that I did not order. I didn’t get what I ordered, and there was no refund. Even though I am wary of online retailers, I recently placed an order with Rotita. Rotita performed admirably! I ordered a number of things, but not all of them were delivered right away. They informed me of this and sent me some as soon as they become available and some later. They communicated with me frequently throughout the process, and everything I ordered was delivered exactly as described on their website, if not better. They have excellent products, so I’ll definitely place another order from them.

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