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The Fenwick Shop Reviews: Does It Work?

Fenwick is a department store founded in Newcastle in 1882 that resembles El Corte Ingles in Spain. It is located on Northumberland Street and was the first store to open. The business is situated there as well. There are currently many stores across the nation, including ones in London, York, Windsor, and Canterbury, but the Newcastle location is the oldest. Visit this store since it shows that the decor is given more attention. It is one of the biggest stores in the nation, and the Christmas shop window displays are renowned for being among the most exquisite and lavish, with stunning decorations, similar to those in Harrod’s store in London.
Fenwick is a department store with a Galeries Lafayette feel that was established in Newcastle in 1882. North of the city’s major commercial district, Northumberland Street, is home to this branch, which was the first one to operate. Additionally, the group has its main office. There are now stores all over the nation, in London, York, Windsor, or Canterbury, but the store in Newcastle is the oldest, one where the ornamentation was done with more care, and it is worth a visit even if you aren’t planning to buy anything. One of the biggest stores in the nation, the Newcastle location is famed for its lavish and finely decorated Christmas displays, including those from Harrods London.While London retailers only provide fashion, you can find everything here on over 22,500 square metres, including clothing, linens, souvenirs, and toys.

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