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Posted by on June 19, 2018

Hotmail or Outlook have been making several changes in their platform, among which among the most current it is possible to add a location for any event we are creating.

This is a very important function that Outlook has added and with which we can mark a physical address through the use of Bing maps as an external support tool.

How to locate events in Hotmail with Bing maps

When creating an event in the Hotmail or Outlook calendar , we can use the event application using Bing maps to add a location .

To begin, we must log in Hotmail or Outlook .

Being in the inbox , we select the + option that is right next to the New option located in the top bar. Next we will notice a menu in which we will select the option Calendar Event .hotmail

Among the different details to be placed about the new event we will find the location. We must put the address in this box and then click on Search in Bing .

Immediately we will be redirected to a new window where we can observe all the options similar to our location. Therefore, if necessary, we can make the address of the location more precise by adding physical address, city, province and country.

Then, the software will show us a group of results according to the address that we entered, we just have to select the correct address from the list.

When making the choice of the place, we will see that the Accept option is enabled and we proceed to click on it to return to the form to create the event.

Already here the location to the creation of the event has been added by means of Bing Maps for Hotmail or Outlook . We only have to add the information in the following boxes and continue with the saving of the event.


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