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Posted by on September 14, 2018

Hotmail and are struggling on Wednesday with a long-term disruption, which means that sometimes e-mail messages can not be read.

The problems started Tuesday around 22:30 Dutch time and have not been resolved on Wednesday afternoon.

Some users can not access their e-mails, but not everyone suffers. The last update from Microsoft came at 2:15 PM. Then the company said: “It takes longer than expected to find a solution.”

The next update is scheduled at 6.15 pm. is a relatively new e-mail service from Microsoft that eventually has to replace Hotmail login . All users must be converted before the summer of this year. By mid-February, 60 million of the 300 million Hotmail users had already switched.

Whether the problems are related to the migration from Hotmail to is not known.


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