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Posted by on September 18, 2018

Thunderbird can be utilized as a customer for the majority of Microsoft’s email administrations (Hotmail, and Windows Live Mail, from now on alluded to as “Hotmail”). Thunderbird will download messages from the Hotmail server and store them on your nearby framework. Essentially, Thunderbird can be utilized to form messages which are sent through Hotmail’s mail servers. You can in any case utilize Hotmail’s electronic application – Thunderbird will question the server and synchronize messages.

Hotmail records can be arranged in Thunderbird’s Automatic Account Configuration. This article gives guidelines on the most proficient method to physically design a record or adjust a current record.

To physically arrange or change Hotmail account settings:

At the highest point of the Thunderbird window, tap on the Tools menu and select Account Settingsā€¦ . The Account Settings exchange window will be shown.

Select your Hotmail account from the rundown on the left. Ensure your name and record are accurately determined in the Default Identity area.


In the left board, underneath your Hotmail account name, tap on Server Settings. The server settings will be shown in the correct board.

Arranging IMAP and POP records

Note: For a clarification of IMAP and POP, click here.

IMAP mail account settings

Server Name:

Port: 993

Client Name: your username (for instance

Association security: SSL/TLS

Confirmation technique: Normal secret key

Arrange whatever remains of the server settings as indicated by your inclinations.


POP mail account settings

Server Name:

Port: 995

Client Name: your username (for instance

Association security: SSL/TLS

Verification strategy: Normal secret phrase

Arrange whatever is left of the server settings as per your inclinations.


Arranging the active server

At the base of the rundown on the left, select Outgoing Server (SMTP). Arranged active servers will be shown in the correct board. The Hotmail server will presumably be called Microsoft Live Hotmail or something comparable.


Select the server and tap the Edit catch to adjust the settings. Arrange them as takes after:

Server Name:

Port: 587

Association security: STARTTLS

Validation technique: Normal secret phrase

Client Name: your username (for instance


Note: If you get a secret key mistake in Thunderbird when endeavoring to recover messages utilizing POP, you may need to sign in utilizing webmail first and empower POP settings under the Options area of your email account.


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