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Posted by on May 19, 2020


Due to the large number of health supplements that are available in the market today, it is important to make many comparisons before buying. Although there are rules and regulations to control the production of supplements, you should still be very careful when choosing which supplements to take. It is important to read the label and ingredients of the particular supplement you are considering getting. You should also check some components that most supplements have. Here are some of them.

1. Fillings

Supplements generally vary in the type of filler they use. There are some types that are only used to add volume and there are some that can really improve the absorption of the active ingredient in the body. Avoid supplements that use more filler than is needed just to make them appear to have more.

2. Disintegrants

These help dissolve the tablet after swallowing it. Some of the disintegrants commonly used in current supplements include Gellan Gum Usage, croscarmellose sodium, and crospovidone. Be sure to do your research on the particular disintegrant that the supplement has to ensure its safety.

3. Folders

Binders are generally present in tablets. They are usually mixed with fillers to adhere to the other ingredients in the tablet. The most commonly used binders include xanthan gum, cellulose, starch, and povidone.

4. Flavoring

This is commonly added to make the supplement taste nice. However, make sure the supplement doesn’t have too much added sugar, starch, and salt to add flavor.

5. Dyes

These are commonly added to tablets and pills to make it easier to distinguish them from the following type of tablet. Sometimes they are also used to give the supplement a better appearance. However, keep in mind that supplements don’t need to look pretty or colorful to be effective.

Similar to how you should be aware of what ingredients are in the foods you eat, it is also important to know what health supplements you are taking. It is especially important to know what is added to supplements because they often have numerous additives in addition to their main or active ingredient. A good way to check if the supplement is of good quality would be to look for a BP, which stands for British Pharmacopoeia or USP, which stands for United States Pharmacopeia, designation on its label or packaging.

Make sure you have done your research and comparison between the different brands to make sure that you get a safe and effective product. You could try going online and searching for reputable websites that have honest and real reviews of the health products and supplements on the market. You may also want to seek the advice of your doctor or healthcare professional regarding a particular supplement you are considering taking.

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