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Posted by on May 19, 2020


The hookah has a long and historical history. Also known as a hubble bubble, hookah, shisha, or hookah, among other names, hookahs have been used for a tobacco smoking experience in Asia and the Middle East for centuries. Upon reaching the Middle East from India, the hookah started out as a humble coconut shell. In Turkey, it became the true hookah, becoming a mainstay of coffee life during the 17th century. Hookah smoking is still very common in cafes and restaurants across the Middle East.

Many rituals, preparation, lighting and smoking etiquette, surround the use of the hookah. People gathered in cafes to smoke together, exchanging news and stories, or simply sharing quiet, meditative time. Recalling a more relaxed and peaceful past, hookahs evoke stories of journeys along the Nile, long nights in exotically scented gardens, the spice of the bazaar and the winding music of belly dancing.

Women who met for tea smoked hookahs, students who participated in intellectual debates, men who played games of chance, and simple gatherings of friends to enjoy and relax. Offering a guest a puff on the house hookah, or hookah, was a sign of welcome and hospitality. Rather than a nervous habit, as many might classify as a cigarette, the hookah is an entrance to tranquility and reflection. It is a connection to the past and an oasis of civilized communion in the frantic present.

With such a long history, it is not surprising that hookah craftsmanship approaches art level; Most of the hookahs are exquisitely detailed and beautiful. At one point, each part of the hookah was produced by a craftsman specifically trained to produce just that piece. The materials used include silver, crystal and amber. When you add the centuries of tradition and ritual in which the shisha zubehör is full, it is easy to see that this ancient water pipe represents the nexus of a unique and exuberant experience in smoke and social interaction, and why it is becoming so popular in the West.

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