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Posted by on August 15, 2022

You can have a white and shiny smile even after a short dental visit. In addition, there is the possibility to choose between different home and “do it yourself” methods even if these systems give a less effective result. In most cases, only a slight improvement is noted.

Methods for teeth whitening

Before making a decision about teeth whitening it is recommended to consult a dentist in Shalimar Bagh. This step is very important to find the best solution for each patient. Teeth whitening is free of health risks and does not damage dental implants. But in case of presence of caries it could cause nerve damage in the pulp cavity, or some home remedies could hurt the gums.

With a professional session at the dental clinic in Shalimar Bagh the result will be excellent and immediate. Certainly, you can also choose between the different “do it yourself” treatments that are cheaper but less effective.

After teeth whitening

After undergoing teeth whitening in Shalimar Bagh, greater attention must be paid to the care of oral hygiene and avoid some particular foods to maintain the result obtained. But what exactly are the precautions to follow?

Dental sensitivity after whitening

For a few days after the whitening session the teeth may be more sensitive than usual. But there is no reason to be frightened, you just have to scrupulously follow the instructions of the dentist in Pitampura to protect your teeth. First of all, it is necessary to avoid acidic foods and drinks, too hot or cold.

What are the foods to avoid after bleaching?

After the cure you need to pay attention to feeding for about a week. Foods and drinks that contain dyes or are too colorful, are to be avoided (such as dark fruits and vegetables or with bright colors, sauces, spices, coffee, and wine could stain the teeth again). After a bleaching, the “anti-color” diet is made. It is advisable to consume “clear” foods and drinks such as dairy products, poultry, pasta, rice, or potatoes.

Oral hygiene after bleaching?

It is best to consult your best dentist in Shalimar Bagh about the choice of oral hygiene products after treatment. It is recommended to use less aggressive products and toothpastes for sensitive teeth. It is recommended to read the detailed list of substances on toothpastes and mouthwashes because these products may also contain dyes.

How to keep teeth white for a long time

Even if the session at the professional brings excellent and immediate results, keeping the teeth white is a daily task that requires regular and correct oral hygiene. Nowadays these whitening treatments do not bring any risk to dental health, however repeating them too often could damage the enamel or gums. It is advisable to do the therapy only on healthy teeth or treated by the dentist in Delhi. Talk to your dentist about home treatments as well as the effects may be different for each patient.

Teeth whitening could be performed again after a few years. It is recommended not to carry out “do it yourself” bleaching more than twice a year. To maintain the result for a long time you need to pay attention to proper oral hygiene, healthy eating, and periodic check-up by the dentist!


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