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Posted by on April 11, 2023

What is lingual orthodontics?

Lingual orthodontics, also known as invisible orthodontics, is one of the most effective methods to achieve perfect teeth. In addition, they are the most discreet brackets on the market.

This type of device is as effective as any other and offers the same results. It is the most appropriate option for all those people for whom the aesthetics of the treatment is key, explains the dentist in Pitampura.

What are Incognito lingual braces?

Why is this brace invisible? Because unlike other systems, brackets are placed cemented on the inside of the tooth, also called the lingual.

Incognito lingual orthodontics is custom made for each patient’s mouth. Both the brackets and the arch-wires are made of an alloy. It is an option that has a very thin thickness. In this way, the time it takes for the patient to adapt to the treatment is reduced. In addition, it also makes it a more effective method.

The design is much more sophisticated, as the orthodontist in Pitampura uses a 3D design program to plan the patient’s final smile. It will also mark step by step how the complete treatment will be carried out.

Process of lingual orthodontic treatment


After a first visit to the dental clinic in Pitampura, the general state of health of the patient’s mouth is assessed and which treatment is the most appropriate according to their needs. Models, x-rays, photos and an intraoral scanner are taken by the dentist in Pitampura to make a complete orthodontic study.


The orthodontist in Pitampura, thanks to the study carried out previously, develops the entire orthodontic treatment virtually using 3D software (Setup). In this way we can see together with the patient a virtual simulation of the evolution of their treatment and the final result before starting.


Once the Setup is accepted, the file is sent to orthodontic manufacturer, which makes the lingual brackets and custom arch-wires for the patient. This customization allows for a precise adaptation of lingual orthodontics, explains the dentist in Shalimar Bagh.


Approximately 15 days after giving the approval to the Setup and having sent the file to the orthodontic manufacturer, we can begin the treatment by proceeding with the placement of the lingual brackets.

How long does a lingual orthodontic treatment last?

The duration of a lingual bracket treatment will depend on the circumstances of each patient. The normal thing is that it is between 18 months in the simplest cases and 2 years in the case of the most complicated, says the orthodontist in Shalimar Bagh.

It must be taken into account that any orthodontic treatment does not end with the removal of brackets. When this happens, a second phase begins: retention. Teeth without braces tend to return to their original position. Therefore, it will be necessary to place retainers, which can be of two types:

  • Removable retainers. In this case, it is about transparent splints that are created to measure and that will be worn throughout the night.
  • Fixed retainers. These are very thin sheets of wire that are cemented on the inside of the teeth. They are not perceived when talking or smiling and must be worn forever.

In which cases is lingual orthodontics indicated?

Lingual orthodontics is an effective method to correct any occlusion problem that teeth have, such as open or cross bite, overbite or crowding, among others.

Therefore, being a treatment as effective as others, the reasons for betting on this class of brackets are mainly aesthetic. If, due to your profession, you do not want your image to be altered by a conventional device, lingual braces are the ideal option.

No one will notice that you are wearing lingual braces while the treatment lasts. You will be able to carry out your normal life, without the device altering your life at all. This type of orthodontics is usually more in demand by adult patients, since in the latter the use of orthodontics is usually more assumed, explains the orthodontist in Shalimar Bagh.

Maintenance tips for lingual orthodontics

A lingual brace makes the process of cleaning your teeth difficult. You must bear in mind that with the device it is more difficult to reach certain areas of the mouth. Therefore, the risk of suffering from cavities or periodontal diseases increases slightly during the duration of the treatment, explains the dentist in Shalimar Bagh.

So that the treatment does not have any negative consequences in your mouth, it is very important that you exercise extreme hygiene. You should brush for at least a couple of minutes after each meal. We recommend that you complement this routine by using a mouthwash and also the irrigator.


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