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Posted by on September 1, 2018

In recent years, wigs have become more and more popular. Wigs can be long or short, and can be straight. It is a good choice for girls who like to change their style. Today, I recommend several long curly hair wigs for everyone to see if you like it!

Hair Wig

Broken bangs over the shoulder pear head
For a girl with a neat haircut effect, such a delicate and delicate pear head is not very suitable, and the neat hair is combed out of the natural hair and tail design, but has a more generous and sweet image. Qi Liu naturally combs over the eyelids, and the hair on both sides is naturally connected to the design. Daihatsu is more pleasant.

Brown long curly hairstyle
The exquisite ceramic hot style long curly human hair extensions style is dyed into a stylish and sweet brown. Delicate curls have a very skin-inning effect. Long hair that is more suitable for fair skin, slanting over the forehead, leaving a fluffy two-tone design on the shoulders, adding a pure feeling.

Oblique bangs soft pear head
The sleek combed bangs have a soft pear hair style, and the supple hair with a sweet comb shape gives a very elegant and clear feeling. The oblique bangs left a slightly lower sleek arc in the brow position, and the hair ends with the eye-catching purple hair dye, which instantly caught the eye, and the sweet image did not seem to be a temperament.

Diagonal bangs long curly hairstyle
The girls’ hair is designed with a pair of linings, which makes the girls very beautiful. The brown hair dyes show the trend of the atmosphere, highlighting the girl’s temperament. The beautiful diamond face is set off under the bangs-free hairstyle, which is beautiful and charming feel.

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