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Posted by on September 7, 2018

A suitable hair style can add points to your styling, and depending on the face type, the choice of hair style is different. Today, the charm of the women’s network Xiaobian to introduce to everyone is the face of the girl is suitable for what hairstyle. Take a look at the five bangs hairstyles recommended for you.

girls hair style

Irregular bangs mushroom short hair
In the short hair suitable for long-faced girls, this Qibang mushroom head is deeply loved by Xiaobian. The length of the hair extensions is on the lower jaw line and gently covers it. The length of bangs is near the eyelids. This length covers most of the forehead and visually produces a strong long face and short face. With a pair of shades of different colors, it feels more fashionable.

girls hair style

Bangs long curly hair
Xiaobian here to talk about, refers to the bangs suitable for long-faced girls, of course, it is not a bangs. Because it covers the forehead, it shortens the length of the face to a certain extent, helping you to modify the shortcomings of the face. The special feature of this long curly hair style is the cute floral bow decoration on the top of the head, which enhances the cuteness of the whole shape. The long curly hair around the waist makes people feel very girly.

girls hair style

Bangs high ponytail
It is also a bangs hairstyle, which shows how important it is to friends with long faces. The ponytail is the imprint of youth. The thin part of bangs makes people feel very refreshed, and the hair left on both sides can also play the role of modifying the face. And the high-tailed ponytail gives a sense of youthful vitality.

girls hair style

Bias bangs pear head
The smooth and smooth hair of the silk roots is matched with the very fashionable chocolate color hair dye, which makes people feel special and special. The hairline bent on both sides of the front of the hair is close to the contour of the face, which plays a role in better modifying the face. The partial bangs cover most of the forehead, revealing bright eyes and very charming.

girls hair style

Oblique bangs curly hairstyle
Speaking of what kind of hairstyle is suitable for girls with long faces, you must not miss this bangs long curly hair. In order to achieve better facial line effects, such bangs are the most suitable, which can shorten the length of the face. In addition, the design of this bangs can help to create a delicate bone press. The long curly hair on the waist and the waist can show your elegance, and the reddish-brown hair dye adds a stylish taste.

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