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Posted by on October 7, 2018

MM who is obsessed with short hair wants to add some changes to the hairstyle, but I don’t know how to make short hair look simple and beautiful? Today, we will bring you 4 super short hair straightening tutorials, teach you 4 steps to create the most beautiful short hair, and immediately follow the small series to learn.

Whether it’s side hair, half tie, bangs hair red wig or wet hair, these four short hair braids can make the girl easily beautiful, and easily become the focus of everyone. I will follow the Xiaobian to learn four short hair ties. Let’s go.

Style 1

Side split

Liu Hai’s side design covers the forehead to face and face, while the hair is stuffed behind the ear, with a simple hair clip is very beautiful.

Steps to tie up:

Step 1: Combing the hair with a comb, which is convenient for hand shape.

Step 2: Apply a small amount of styling on your hands and gently separate the hair by hand to make the hair easier to hold.

Step 3: The hair on the right side is gently placed behind the ear.

Step 4: Finally, take out the simple hair clip and wear it while helping to fix the hair behind the ear.

Short hair can be made even more beautiful in four easy steps, and the asymmetric design makes the short hair more chic.

Style 2

Short hair princess head

The princess’s head is not the patent of a long-haired girl. The short-haired half-princess is also sweet and has a gentle and sweet side.

Steps to tie up:

Step 1: Combing your hair so that the hair below will be smoother.

Step 2: Gently divide the hair into upper and lower parts by hand.

Step 3: Twist the hair above and pull up the hair extensions to make the hair more fluffy.

Step 4: Fix the twisted hair with a hairpin and put the prepared hair on the hair clip.

It is also a simple 4 steps to create a perfect half-princess head, so that short hair becomes more beautiful, showing the gentle temperament of girls.

Style 3

Liu Haizha

The fluffy bangs hair bandage makes the short hair instantly become full of personality, with a simple hairpin to attract more attention.

Steps to tie up:

Step 1: Before the hair is made, it is necessary to comb the hair.

Step 2: Focus all the bangs back.

Step 3: Slightly twist the bangs hair bundle and draw the silk to create a fluffy feeling.

Step 4: Fix the hair with a black hairpin, and finally put it on the hairpin.

The three-dimensional sense of Liu Haifabao not only makes short hair more fashionable, but also has a visually increasing effect.

Style 4

Wet hair

Wet hair is a style that the goddess magazine often tries, but in daily life, we can build it ourselves. Stylish allbaCK wet hair with a stylish hair clip, the same sweet.

Steps to tie up:

Step 1: Combing the hair well.

Step 2: Spray the hair slightly with a small amount of water, then spray a styling spray.

Step 3: Turn your hair all the way back, slightly to the right.

Step 4: The hair clip is worn on the left side.

The wet hair design makes the short hair instantly become taller and more fashionable, and short-haired girls should try it. Let the girls do it with a clean hand.

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