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Posted by on October 31, 2018

What hairstyle is popular in 2018? Among the medium and long curly hairs that are still popular in 2018, the long and medium-sized lazy hair curls are the real wild, especially the face type, no matter what the face type is good, let’s take a look at the 2018 popular middle and long section. Lazy style curly hair style.

Long hair in the volume

Xiaobian glances at this one-pointed lazy wind curls, it feels like a healing hair style, can make you forget so troubles, this one is lazy and curly, Liu Hai stays in the middle is refreshing and good-looking, and the tail is doing The large curls are particularly prominent, showing a soft and beautiful beauty.

The second lazy wind curls are still in the middle of the bangs, while the bangs on both sides have done the valgus design, while the middle and long hair tails are the same large valgus design, sweet and beautiful, if the lady Some can dye a little deeper hair color, while the hair color of the ocean is a slightly lighter color.

The third lazy wind is long and cool, and it is very suitable for spring and summer. Especially when wearing a sling, it is already fascinating to see the back. Lazy wind curly hair and air bangs are also perfect. Let you change your girl in a second.

This lazy wind-up long hair extensions gives people a feeling of being asleep, also called a sleepy hairstyle, and a sleepy hairstyle is also a new fashion hairstyle, the length of the hair and the waist, making a lazy roll More microscopic sense of sensation, literary and artistic, and the hair is also feminine, of course, this lazy wind and long hair will need to pay attention to care.

This is a long-haired hair in the lazy bangs, which is extraordinarily gentle. The eyebrows are aging and the long hair is made of textured hair. This hairstyle is also a must-have for spring and summer. With a shoulder-length dress, it shows the gentleness and elegance of the girl.

This long lazy wind in the bangs style is not a common eyebrow bangs, but flat eyebrows, hair volume does not need too much, refreshing and good care, while long curly hair is showing fairy feeling.

The long hair in this lazy wind is not only the explosion in the winter, but also the most correct opening method in spring and summer. It is especially suitable for girls with big faces and baby faces. It can refine the small face and the curved bangs. It is a special feature of this hairstyle. The half-moon-shaped bangs are full of design, age-reducing and stylish, and the light-colored golden brown clip in hair extensions color is added to the skin color!

This long hair with no bangs is not simple and tasteless. The long curly hair that is designed directly in the middle is more charming, more powerful, and the fashionable hair style has super-white effect. Make the skin super white.

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