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Posted by on November 13, 2018

Several short hairstyles make you beautiful

Congenital face is not particularly perfect, we can use various methods to add points to your beauty, to cover up. Look at the 4 keywords, how to use hair style to modify the perfect face!

1, a messy short hair
If your hair style is short hair, let it stand up and make a glimpse. Because as a short hair, whether it is a rounded outline or a flat face close to the scalp, the face will appear round without exception.

2, make long curly hair smooth
The more man hair wigs you have, the more fat the overall effect will be. If you change the matted curls into straight hair straightening, it will make you look pretty. This has to start from the usual care.

3, modify the side hairstyle
The partial hair style can be used to show the edges and corners, which helps to shape the contour of the face and thus achieves a slimming effect. The hair on the side should be made to look energetic. If there is bangs, it can be combed from the eyebrows on one side to the shins on the other side, which effectively divides the face area and makes the hairstyle look dynamic and elegant.

4. Show your beauty with highlights
The bright, colorful colors of the sun can magically cover the wide face. If you don’t have time to go to the salon to do a 3-hour hairdressing, then remember to light the top hair and new look hair extensions the hair around the collarbone and shoulders, which will make the face look vivid.

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