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Posted by on February 20, 2019

Urban fahion – a term that can leave anybody confused. It, however, is mostly a style statement made using elements like funky glasses, bohemian chains, loose t-shirts and shorts and of course, sneakers. This is the kind of look that both girls and boys can carry. But, girls can take more advantage of their feminine sensibilities and use pearls to notch up their urban fashion game. Pearls can be used in a variety of ways in urban fashion necklaces.

Pearl necklace urban look can be made funkier with the use of simple yet accentric designs. Some important examples are:

a.      Knife pendant

A necklace made in golden or white tone metal can be made to end in a knife in the front. There can be a lot many variations in the design and shape of knives. The whole design can have pearls or sometimes, just a portion accentuated with these white blings can set the necklace apart from others.

b.      Half moon pendant

This pendant is tastefully stylish and quite beautiful in appeal. Women having no liking for outrageous elements can make use of half moon design pearl pendants and look great while following urban fashion. This design is minimalistic and still has whole meaning.

c.       Pearl sphere pendant

Shining alloy chain and a pearl sphere make amazing adornment for neck. Users of such style statement makers can make the whole look more funky with the help of stack rings. A cap, stack rings, hip hop pants and to top it all, a pearl sphere necklace – it not so hard to guess what a style this swagger will ooze.

d.      Leaf pendant with veins made of pearls

Urban look can become more meaningful yet classy if the chain or necklace features a leaf-like pendant. Fig leaf design is easy to ornate in detail and provides scope for using pearls too. This pendant is light in weight, just like a leaf yet offers a strong statement-making urban fashion staple.

So, take the effort out of choosing urban fashion. Just have your necklace carved with a pendant attached to it and dress up to voice what urban stying means to you.

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