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Posted by on January 17, 2020

Not all women use ankle bracelets, the truth is that at first glance they represent sensuality, as it enhances and gives a different touch to the foot. They are used especially in summer, although there are those who use them permanently, but what does it mean?

There are several meanings and origins

The first is that they came from the book The Thousand and One Nights, of medieval Arab origin. Anklets were talked about as an identifying element for girls. Now, according to other sources, in India Sterling silver ankle bracelets accessory is important for women, and they have to wear them during the marriage, while widows can’t wear them. In ancient Egypt, it was believed that wearing a chain around the ankle attracted good luck and fortune. Some people who worked in the field used to wear anklets with a sound pendant to keep insects away, and avoid bites. In the Sumerian culture, women used these jewels of silver or gold, as a meaning of the husband’s wealth.

As you will see, in this aspect there is history to tell, but the important thing is that as the years have passed, this meaning has been changing. Since at present, having an ankle or slave bracelet identifies women as sexy and gives elegance to that part of the body. Summer is approaching, so it is a good excuse to use it. You can find silver, gold, stones, etc.

Meaning of the ankle bracelets

There are two very different versions. Some think it is pure ornamentation to wear a bracelet on the ankle. However, others are convinced that the meaning of this tradition has an important meaning. In ancient times the rich were allowed to wear bracelets, and chains since they were symbols of wealth. Instead, the poor wore anklets as a symbol of poverty to attract luck and money. Anyway, as you can see, it is quite curious to look back, and know the origins of our customs, right? Now, you can buy various designs of silver ankle bracelets in online store.

Bracelet, and anklet are not only props, but must-have accessories for any woman who likes to be fashionable.

Stones – Usually the bracelets, and anklets adorned with stones bring many colors, and give a more tropical touch to the look. These models are great for matching print dresses, tank tops, skirts and shorter shorts, and flat sandals which are also usually adorned with metals or stones of varying colors and sizes.

Leather – These leather-made accessories often go back to the hippie style that was used in the 1970s. Since retro fashion is always in vogue, it’s worth having a few of these at home the days you are into wearing that flowery gown, a colorful tiara and those faded-style jeans.

Metals – Whether in silver or gold, metal bracelets and anklets always give women a more elegant and social look. For night wear at the club, to match the social look of work or for major parties like graduations and weddings, these accessories are perfect and further enhance the beauty of women.

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