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Posted by on January 21, 2020

  • Kfar Giladi Hotel

At the Kfar Giladi Hotel in the Upper Galilee, preparations for the arrival of many visitors to the area were completed due to the snow that enveloped Mount Hermon and as a result of the flow of notes in streams in the Galilee and northern Golan. The hotel plans for visitors hiking and motorized hiking routes along the water sources and will also incorporate the option of an integrated recreation card at the Hermon site and other sites in the area. From the Kfar Giladi Hotel at the Galilee’s finger, the views of the White Mount Hermon and the green fields of the Hula Valley can be seen. Dozens of families and couples are arriving at the hotel for a winter holiday at the overnight tourist accommodation in the northern hotel. Package cost for two winter nights in January over the weekend will cost NIS 1760 and includes admission to the Agamon Hula, a Saturday tour of Slick Kfar Giladi and the possibility of traveling on private vehicles accompanied by the hotel guide. Another option is to integrate a hotel ticket at the Hermon site (not including a shuttle and a cable car) Or enter the Manara cliff site.

  • Eye of Seven

In Ein Zivan tourism in the northern Golan they offer a true winter vacation, cold, rain, snow, cozy accommodation or a pampering cabin with private sauna, double jacuzzi, pampering breakfast in a modern dining room, the possibility of a pampering massage in the room. Two steps away from the room you can enjoy a chocolate workshop or guided tour of the ‘De Karina’ Visitor Center, a fine cup of delicious coffee from the selection of house pralines (we recommend bringing a family home). Adjacent there, a new visitor center of the Bahat Winery, another opportunity for a pleasant cyst. If the energy and the cold air really make you want to take a field trip, further steps you can book with Tammy from the office for a field trip on Tomkar in the Contira Valley and even reach the border with Syria. The Golan Heights are spectacular at this time of year, the white Hermon looks from every corner, the vineyards shed on them, and the cherry trees prepare for flowering.

  • Ein Gev Resort

In the resort village of Ein Gev, the 95% occupancy rate is reported. It is precisely during the winter days that there is a high demand for accommodation as the weather is a little warmer and more comfortable compared to the situation in the rest of the country. The Sea of ​​Galilee is beautiful at this time of year and you can enjoy a holiday on the shore of the Sea of ​​Galilee at slightly more warm and pleasant temperatures. The En Gav resort offers upgraded guest rooms including fully equipped kitchens, a large refrigerator, a living room and newly designed bedrooms. The guest rooms are located on the eastern shore of the Sea of ​​Galilee, right on the waterline.

  • Expect Days and Peace House

The boutique hotels also offer warming couples only. At the Expedition’s Health and Spa Hotel, occupancy for the coming weekend is 98%. The hotel has a pampering spa with a variety of treatments, fine local produce, local bakery, bakery, dairy, farm shop and more.

At the Hod family boutique hotel on the main street of the Metula colony, Israel, a number of isolated places remain. On Friday evening you can enjoy the pleasant piano playing and warming fireplace. Beit Shalom Restaurant offers rich meals that are also open to those who do not stay in the hotel, by reservation. The chef of the restaurant, Asaf Otolangi presents a selection of dishes such as veal potatoes with root vegetables, Osobuku, Asado and other meats in sauces, fish dishes, hot and surprising additions and a selection of sweet surprises.

  • Rural rooms in Nimrod

In the Nimrod settlement, just before Neve Ativ, a small town but the tourism industry where it operates particularly vigorously during the winter, rural rooms “Rom 1125” next to the Diago Gallery, where it can be exposed to his artwork and enjoy a painting workshop. 057-4322983. If you want a different style accommodation, in Ein Ein Zivan, right in the heart of the orchard, you can enjoy shared accommodation in ancient Syrian houses, a central kitchen and a lot of unique living, a popular price and an instant encounter with nature.


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