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Posted by on January 24, 2020

The bracelet is one of the easiest accessories to wear. A small strip of leather or beads is enough to give a different touch to your outfit and can help you express your personality without speaking

How to choose the right bracelet

To find naturalness you just have to take into account some basic aspects:

  • Proportions and adjustment
  • Style in general
  • The place you are going to

Proportions and adjustment

The bracelet must be proportional to your size and the right size. So, if your wrist is wide, use large bracelets and if it is thin, small bracelets. In addition, the bracelet should be tight enough to be comfortable. Some bracelets, such as beads that go over an elastic band, are one size fits all and their limit is their ability to stretch.

Style in general and look

The bracelets as well as the rest of the accessories are used to give a personalized touch to the look. A good option is to use natural materials such as leather, wool or stones, as they do not go out of style and improve over time. The colour of these materials is also easier to wear because it matches almost all the clothes.

The place you are going to

Surely you have one or two favourites, but you don’t have to wear them all the time. Not all bracelets are appropriate for all occasions. For most formal situations we recommend that you choose Gold chain bracelet, this type of bracelet can be used on any type of occasion, and you will look prettier than using other bracelet.

Individual style: how to wear a single bracelet

This is the simplest and easiest way to wear bracelets. Start with one or two bracelets, put them on a single wrist and voila.

Put the bracelet on the opposite hand of the watch or forget the watch and wear only the bracelet. Make sure the watch and bracelets are not too similar in size. A fine bracelet matches a thick watch.

To complete your look use a bracelet that has a subtle colour of those that are included in your set. Make the colour of your bracelet match the basic tone of your shirt or a button, or bet on natural colours, such as wood or leather, if you want a bracelet that matches everything.

Here are some styles to experience:

  • A mixture of beads of different styles and sizes.
  • Wear tanned leather and steel bracelets.
  • Combine leather bracelets and beads to get a bohemian style.
  • Mix different chains and bracelets with identification plates to create sets with a masculine air.

Tips for wearing a set of bracelets

  • To avoid excessive colours, wear a bracelet with a neutral colour for every two colours.
  • Do not use several thick metal bracelets together.

In addition, A good bracelet achieves what every good accessory should do that is complete your look. Do not forget the importance of visual weight when creating sets with bracelets and do not be afraid to experiment.

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