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Posted by on February 4, 2021

Corporate lawyers are responsible for guiding businesses about their legal rights, employment law, obligations, and responsibilities. They might also offer technical matters related to real estate, tax, and ERISA. While some corporate lawyers tackle all departments, there are specialised departments for different corporate lawyers in other companies. You can call many corporate lawyers ‘transaction lawyers’. Their job is to facilitate transactions of a company. Here are some of the major responsibilities of any corporate lawyer in California:

  1. Merger and Acquisition

Many companies are dependants on corporate lawyers to navigate through business mergers and acquisitions. The corporate lawyer will assess key liabilities as well as assets. Apart from that, they will also look over financial statements, real estate holdings, employment agreements, and likely litigations. After the evaluation, all the analysis reports will be submitted to the company by the corporate lawyer.

  1. Securities

A corporate lawyer’s job is to advise the companies on their security policies. It will help businesses to avoid fraud, manipulation by the market, and insider training. Apart from that, it helps to increase transparency in companies that are publicly traded.

  1. Governance, corporate formation, and operation

Stakeholders are not liable for any corporation’s debt. In case one of the stakeholders are no more alive, the corporation will continue working. A corporate lawyer will ensure that all of these proceedings are taken care of, and the corporate is functioning as an independent entity. Your corporate lawyer can help you to dissolve, organise or form a corporation. They will draft incorporation articles, assist partnerships, limited liability companies as well as business trusts. Corporate lawyers also help you to understand environmental law and employment law better. They can inform the directors of any corporation about their rights.

  1. Venture capital

Corporate lawyers who deal with venture capital can counsel business about carrying on with their daily activities. Their duties will include:

• Financing

  • Maintaining legal and business structures.
  • Finding out money sources for several businesses.
  • Organizing business operations.
  1. Project finance

Corporate lawyers who deal with project finance make sure that the dealings between different parties are carried on smoothly. They usually draw up agreements between all the parties involve on matters related to construction, purchase agreements, financial terms, etc.

How to choose the right corporate lawyer for your business?

It can be quite tricky to choose the right corporate lawyer as there are a few factors that you need to look into. You can pick a firm or a solo practitioner. In case your business is small, you do not need a large firm to help with your business. You should also look at the fee structure of the lawyer. Make sure you are comfortable with it. Most of the corporate lawyers usually work on an hourly basis.

What are you waiting for? You need to look for a corporate lawyer who will fulfill the needs of your company. There are many law firms in California, so you will get a lot of options to choose from.

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