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Posted by on January 17, 2019

The fear of not fulfilling the bed or not having an erection at the time it touches leads many young people to consume Viagra (sildenafil citrate), a drug indicated for erectile dysfunction in those over 18 years.

“Children who resort to this medication, commonly known as the blue pill, often have a sense of insecurity that leads them to want to look good. Therefore, they do not suffer an erectile dysfunction due to an organic problem, but anticipatory anxiety of psychological origin. Other times they do it to counteract the effect of alcohol or other drugs, “explains sexologist in Delhi.

“Young people often look for shortcuts to get things. They drink to be disinhibited, without knowing that alcohol has a depressant effect on the central nervous system preventing achieving both erection and ejaculation. To compensate, they take a pill, and what they are doing is to medicalize something that should be natural, “adds the best sexologist in Delhi.

In some cases, the sex specialist in Delhi acknowledges, “consult with us and, if we consider it necessary, we give them the drug to reduce that anxiety, but then we take it away explaining aspects such as what are the natural mechanisms of the sexual response (for example, what is a natural erection) and we offer them concrete strategies “.

How to reduce that anticipatory anxiety? “We do it by working on the detection of intrusive thoughts. Sometimes, people tend to use hypotheses to see why they cannot have an erection, however, often a punctual trigger is simply due to fatigue or even because the girl does not like it. If there is no sexual attraction, it is very difficult for the response to be triggered in the form of an erection or for it to remain, “says top sexologist in Delhi, stressing the importance of knowing oneself.

Recommendations for a good erection

Having and maintaining an erection does not have to require pharmacological help if the steps proposed by the best sex doctor in Delhi are followed.

  1. Think about getting and giving pleasureto the couple.
  2. Sexuality is a gameand a way to have fun two people.
  3. Forget the obligationto look good.
  4. Do not take full responsibility for the burden of the sexual relationship, since the two parties involved would have to put 50 percent.
  5. Avoid “coitocentrism”, that is, distract from the obligation of penetration by doing other practices such as cunnilingusor mutual masturbationor other games.
  6. Nothing happens to lose the erection for reasons such as being more aware of the satisfaction of the couple. It is possible to recover it after a while, but for this, it is important not to be carried away by fear.

Sale without prescription in India

As per the law, Viagra cannot be sold without a prescription in India. According to sexologist doctor in Delhi, “although it is an effective and safe drug to improve sexual function, some people get this medicine without a prescription, in some cases, to an unjustified or unnecessary consumption.” In short, the best sexologist doctor in Delhi says that the initial treatment is prescribed by the doctor. And is that “there are many men whose erectile dysfunction is a sentinel symptom of a basic or underlying pathology (diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol high or some cardiovascular pathology) and do not know it. Therefore, you should see the sex specialist doctor in Delhi before taking this medication for the first time. If a patient responds well he could go directly to the pharmacy and it would be enough to undergo an annual evaluation by his sex doctor in Delhi“.

Dr. P K Gupta, best sexologist in India, emphasizes that this drug should not be used in patients with severe heart failure, unstable angina, or who have recently suffered a cardiac or cerebrovascular infarction.

In young people without any underlying pathology, the risk of unjustified consumption of Viagra would not be physical, but psychological. “In those young people who take it to gain security in oneself, to be good or to alleviate the effects of the consumption of alcohol and/or drugs, there is a risk of psychological dependence”, warns the sexologist in Noida. This expert considers that the risks of unnecessary consumption of this medicine would be reduced with more sexual and effective education.

When there is erectile dysfunction

What is the profile of the patients who attend primary consultations with erection problems? “Most of them are between 40 and 60.  Even though we are the arrival point, many of us escape,” says the best sexologist in Delhi.

For these cases in which there is erectile dysfunction, top sexologist in Noida detailed that it is usually prescribed a starting dose of 50 mg on demand – depending on the patient’s sexual frequency-, “which usually results in one pill a week”. The arrival on the market of Viagra was the second sexual revolution – the first was the contraceptive pill – “because it manages to fight against the aging of the male”.

To achieve an optimal Viagra effectsexologist in Delhi gives the following advice:

  1. Not having a full stomach it is recommended to take it half an hour before the meal.
  2. Allow one hour between the intake of the medication and sexual intercourse.
  3. Have a sexual stimulation.
  4. Logically, drinking alcohol is not recommended, as it can produce a worse response to the drug.

And what about the side effects? ”A headache, facial flushing, some stomach discomfort and some glare from the light when driving”, the best sexologist in Noida enumerates.” The fear of suffering a heart attack is usually the origin of the reluctance of some patients to try this drug, however, in all the time that I have been prescribing it has never happened. “


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