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Posted by on January 20, 2019

“Macho,” said the midwife. That certainty marked a destiny, and also a role to sustain. Is it more difficult to sustain that role today? In what it does to the relationships of a couple, and more specifically, to the lovemaking arts, it would seem that yes. The best sexologist in Delhi says that men consult more than women about sexuality, in a ratio of 10 to 2. But the consultation usually comes after long delays: a man takes an average of two years to consult for an alcove problem. The reasons are clear: men were not raised to bare their shortcomings, but to vent their conquests. Even so, more and more males are encouraged to challenge the paradigm.


Not many people have access to the most precious intimacy between men and women. The top sexologist in Delhi Dr. P K Gupta is one of those privileged. “Men come to the sex clinic in Delhi for symptoms that have to do with sexual dysfunctions, premature ejaculation prevails in young people, and consultation for erectile dysfunction increases after age 40. The novelty is that dysfunction appears more and more in the consultations of desire, that is, men who do not feel like it “.

Lack of desire is the sexual problem that most expands in the core countries. Sexologist in Delhi says that today they are more emotional about money and material goods, while spaces for sexual pleasure are still restricted. Some will ask: lack of desire in an erotic world? The experts respond: naked bodies, provocations, and facades abound. But in general, they are not more than that: facades. At the same time, archaic conceptions and demands continue to weigh on the male psyche. For example, the command to be Superman in bed is taken literally by many men, who thus remain ignorant of their own tastes and needs.

The most requested

The podium of the most common male consultations has no dispute: premature ejaculation. According to sexologist doctor in Delhi, between 5% and 40% of men suffer from it. Ejaculation is the culmination of the process of arousal of man, which is accompanied by a peak of pleasurable sensations called orgasm and the expulsion of semen through the penis. This process can be reasonably controlled on a voluntary basis. “The most accepted definition of premature ejaculation says that the male does not have the possibility to choose the moment in which to ejaculate,” says the sex specialist in Delhi, “although studies are being conducted on how much normal time would be, because all males want to know what It is considered to ejaculate fast.”

Is it an organic or psychological problem?

Within the medical line, there is a theory that speaks of deregulation of a neurotransmitter (serotonin) and some receptors, which would lead the man to ejaculate quickly. Another line suggests that the male has an excess of anxiety and poor learning, so he does not perceive the sensations that warn him that he is about to ejaculate. He is accelerated in his sexual response and has no control.

How to learn to control yourself?

A premature ejaculator is an anxious person. The point of premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi to the male being known. We have to teach him to manage his anxiety, to be relaxed, present and connected in his sexual relationship so that he can perceive his sensations and the pre-ejaculatory warning. The first thing is to give a calmer rhythm to life, to be allowed to take a pleasant bath and not urged by the clock, to undertake long walks, to eat more slowly trying to taste meals better. On the other hand, there is also a line of medication, basically antidepressant, to delay ejaculation. A specific medicine is already circulating in India.

The second cause of consultation of males is erectile dysfunction, known as impotence. It is defined as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for the development of a satisfactory sexual relationship. According to the sex doctor in Delhi, 52% of men between 40 and 70 years show some degree of erectile dysfunction; that is, at least one out of every two men of that age does not reach a full erection.

What does an erection respond to?

Erection is the erotic sexual response to both physical and psychic stimuli. In youth, erections can occur with very little stimulation, but as the years go by, the sexual response changes and depends more on external stimuli. We respond when we are touched according to what personally arouses each one. All men have a map of our eroticism, which includes fantasies, images, tactile stimuli, scenarios that make us aroused. One of the most important things in sex treatment in Delhi is that the person recognizes what their map is and what their possibilities are.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

There are organic and other psychic causes. Among the organic risk factors that make a man increase their chances of suffering (diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, metabolic syndrome, and smoking). The psychological ones include anxiety, tension, misapprehension, and restrictions on sexuality.

How is it treated?

First, you have to make a diagnosis. Many times the man comes for an erection problem and what we have to correct is a lot of risk factors. Other times the studies give good, but factors that are not linked to the organic appear. For example, if you have an erectile problem when you are going to have a sexual relationship but have involuntary erections in the morning, you hardly have a physical problem. Then we evaluate if the man has the right stimuli. If your wife stimulates you manually or orally, or if you have fantasies.

Does the type of partner affect?

It’s very important. Males think we can have sex with any couple and it is not like that. A satisfactory sexual relationship is played in pairs, two that support an effective and erotic bridge. There are very destructive relationships, which not only destroy the daily life, they also destroy the sexual relationship.

The pleasure pill

Beyond the use of Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction, in recent years its consumption has increased for aphrodisiac purposes.

Does Viagra solve all the deficiencies?

Viagra is an excellent medication to improve erectile functioning. Point. It is one thing to have an erection, and another thing is to have a sexual relationship, which is something more complex that is not achieved with medication. In fact, in many circumstances, the viagra does not work. For example, when there is a problem of desire when there is premature ejaculation when there is a couple problem when male sex hormones are low. It works when taken for a well diagnosed medical problem.

Why do young people take it?

Out of curiosity or to cover an anxiety situation. There are guys who have not had their first relationship yet and come to the consultation asking for viagra because they are afraid of failing. Others overdo it with alcohol and having to face a new relationship take viagra. There are studies that speak of the fear of losing the erection before the placement of the profile lactic in the young, then instead of learning to place a condom take a viagra to supply this anxiety. In these cases, it is important to help the young person to value himself so that he can express himself sexually without anguish and tension, that he takes a capital that will serve him for life and not a cane that will use it with the risk of becoming dependent.

The best sexologist in India explains that “sexuality is something complex, encompassing dimensions related to identity, the role of gender, eroticism, and reproduction.” The human sexual response is a part of that sexuality, and includes the person as a whole, responding to an erotic stimulus, an evolution in which the body and the mind participate. ”

So, why is everything reduced to penetration?

The society in general and the men, in particular, were taught that the main thing to satisfy a woman in a sexual relationship is penetration. Many women buy this macho lie and spend it waiting for the arrival of the prince who awakens them from their anorgasmia. There is a convincing scientific fact: most women need clitoral stimulation before and/or during intercourse to reach orgasm. That does not mean that penetration can be pleasant for many women, like any other stimulus.


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