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Posted by on January 23, 2019

There are men who come to a sex clinic in Delhi complaining about having a small penis. They are dissatisfied both by the size and the thickness of their limbs.


However, studies reveal that the majority of these men actually have a normal penis size, according to the best sexologist in Delhi, Dr. P K Gupta.

“Many of those who complain about having a small penis have a problem called ‘penile dysmorphophobia’, it means that the person is afraid of an alteration to the size or shape of his penis,” says the sexologist doctor in Delhi.

“The dysmorphophobia will not be solved with surgery, no matter how much you increase the thickness or the size of the penis, they will always complain that they did not lengthen or swell enough”, adds the sex specialist in Delhi.

So before a person makes the decision to undergo this type of surgery you should consult a sexologist in Delhi.

Penis lengthening

There are different options to change the thickness, length, and color of the penis. Top sexologist in Delhi explains the types of surgery that exist:

“There are surgeries such as penis enlargement treatment in Delhi (which allows the penis to enlarge or thicken.) There are scrotal surgeries (where some of the skin of the testicle is removed) to simulate that the penis is longer. To thicken the penis there is a surgery where the sex doctor in Delhi puts patches on the penis to swell it, there are also injections of fat and medical devices, “the sexologist in Noida said.

Best sexologist in Noida stated that there is a group of non-medical lengthening techniques such as the placement of weights on the penis, or types of stretching of the penis.

Is sensitivity lost after surgery?

The sex specialist doctor in Delhi clarifies that after surgery for lengthening or thickening the penis sensitivity may be affected.

“The penis has certain fixings to the body so that the person can keep it erect.” So to give the impression that the penis is longer, the best sex doctor in Noida removes those fixings and the penis falls down giving a false impression that it was longer. A technique such as placing patches around the penis, removing or lengthening the skin always produce an alteration in the sensation, which is why the doctor must explain that detail to the patient, “he says.

Can there be complications?

“As any surgical procedure can have complications such as allergic reaction to drugs, or infections of the area operated,” explains the sexologist in Ghaziabad, adding that the most serious thing that can happen is “penis shortening.”

“The patient is operated to lengthen the penis, but the skin in that area heals and that makes the penis shorten. They are risks that one has to talk to the patient,” he adds.

The best sexologist in Ghaziabad reminds us that most men have average-sized penises. Of this group, there are those who want to enlarge their penis. They can be offered various treatments to achieve this goal but nothing can ensure that after the surgery they are satisfied.


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