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Posted by on February 16, 2019

The symptoms of a declining hormone level in middle age were long considered to be specific women’s problems. In fact, however, ten to fifteen percent of all men suffer from similar drastic menopausal symptoms as the ladies – due to a lack of testosterone, says the best sexologist in Delhi.


Balance testosterone deficiency

If middle-aged men suddenly feel less fit and fit, a testosterone deficiency may be responsible.

But how could one increase the testosterone level again, how to balance the testosterone deficiency?

To administer testosterone directly is not always the best solution and also has side effects, says sexologist in Delhi.

One study, however, showed how two completely natural remedies can balance testosterone deficiency.

But how does testosterone actually work and how does it happen that suddenly a testosterone deficiency can arise?

When the testosterone level drops

Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone. It is mainly formed in the testicles. Above all, testosterone promotes muscle and bone development and determines male sexual characteristics.

From the age of 40, testosterone production in men drops by about one percent per year. This creeping degradation means that most men do not go through hormone degeneration, as is the case with menopausal women, says the top sexologist in Delhi.

The testosterone deficiency syndrome

However, between the ages of 50 and 60, the level of testosterone in some men decreases so much that it actually causes withdrawal symptoms. Sex specialist in Delhi summarize these symptoms under the term testosterone deficiency syndrome.

The testosterone deficiency can be felt, for example, in fatigue, decreasing energy, reduced ability to concentrate, but also in emotional fluctuations, irritability and inner restlessness. This is often accompanied by potency disorders combined with a loss of sexual desire, explains sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Also, a continuous decrease in muscle mass and bone mineral density can be one of the consequences of a persistent lack of testosterone and increases the feeling of weakness and listlessness.

Overall, in such a situation both the private life and the professional life are perceived as noticeably more stressful.

Balance testosterone deficiency – Say Goodbye to Midlife Crisis

The described phenomena are often falsely dismissed as “midlife crisis”. Whether such symptoms actually present a testosterone deficiency syndrome or possibly a condition requiring treatment, a sex doctor in Delhi can very easily determine the measurement of the serum testosterone level.

If the testosterone levels are unusually low, it means finding solutions. Of course, ideal solutions would be to support the body in its entirety while balancing the testosterone deficiency in a healthy way and at the same time free of negative side effects.


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